Best wishes to Bill Shaw….


Best wishes to Bill Shaw!

Just a note to say there will not be any football reports here this week due to football correspondent and all round top bloke Bill Shaw getting his cataracts done.

A cancellation came up earlier in the week, so Bill took it and hopefully should be recovering by now. I send Bill my best wishes, as I’m sure all readers and especially the Walsall Wood faithful do too.

The Woodmen are entering interesting times and I think Bill’s opinions in coming months will be well worth reading, as they always have been. I wish him the best recovery.

Get well soon Bill, from everyone here at the blog.

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2 Responses to Best wishes to Bill Shaw….

  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Yes, a very special get well soon to the TOG Meister, accomplished and seasoned clutcher of hot reporters ballpoint, whisperer of gentle sweet nothings and active stage prompt at the Theatre of Dreams…..and best wishes for a relaxing Christmas, ..oh yes, and a special mention to his better half..lady of immense patience and fortitude.
    David and co

  2. Ditto David….Its a yes from us too….Best Wishes to the Shaws

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