Can you help with memories of a popular Brownhills school Caretaker?

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Have you any memories of popular Ogley Hay caretaker Tony Hackett you could share please? Imagery from Bing! Maps.

I have a very unusual enquiry here from friend of the blog Tara Hackett relating to her Grandfather, Tony Hackett – he was a popular local school caretaker for years, and is a bit under the weather at the moment, and Tara thinks it would be great if anyone has any memories relating to Tony they can share.

Tara wrote:

Hello Bob

This is a very strange request so apologies in advance! My dear grandad is extremley poorly at the moment. He was a big part of Brownhills schools and there were many people that knew him as Tony. (Real name Anthony Hackett)



Tony Hackett – image kindly supplied by Tara Hackett.


Grandad was a caretaker for Ogley Hay nursery, infants and junior schools for many years.

I am trying to locate anything about him in relation to the schools history. (Clutching at straws but hopibg there must be something considering how long he was there.) I know he appeared in local news on the odd occasion (one when a fire was set at one of the schools) but anything would be great to help him remember the good old days.

Time is of the essence.

I have no idea where to start looking. I have tried a few Google searches but im not being very successful – any help is appreciated!

Tara Hackett

Thanks to Tara for an interesting and unusual enquiry which I hope readers will take to their hearts and help with if they can.

Comment here, or mail me please: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.



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9 Responses to Can you help with memories of a popular Brownhills school Caretaker?

  1. Lucy squires (was Watson) says:

    I think you need to ask Tara for some pictures, I’m 27 now and attended ogley hay all my life other than about 6months but went back there, I have some memories of a care taker not sure it same one one where I was trying to find the toilets down stairs as our classrooms were upstairs and it was really dark the lights were broken I was really scared of the dark and the care taker could c this so he gave me his torch, once I got stuck in the library and he saved me the whole time saying it’s gonna be ok don’t worry I’ll get u out I’m an expert and pulling faces so I wasn’t scared but I was never brave enough to ask his name, I was there when it was ogley and when it changed to st James

  2. Val Glenn says:

    my husband remembers Tony as a painter and decorator before being a caretaker always had a springer spaniel dog very unassuming man was caretaker when our girls at the school late 70’s

  3. Hi Folks

    Thanks for the incredible response to this – I’m astounded. Nice work.
    Tara sent me the following picture of her Grandfather, Tony Hackett:


    Tara said

    A lady on the feed asked for a photograph of my grandad, im not sure if you can post a photograph or not so thought I would send one just in case 🙂 x

  4. Cllr Liz Hazell says:

    Dear Bob,
    Please pass on my condolence to Tara and her family. I lived a few doors down from Mr Hackett, grew up in Ogley Hay and attended both Ogley Infants and Junior schools. I have fond memories of the quiet, polite gentleman, who walked his dog several times a day. Mr Hackett will be sadly missed by the local community.

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