Road accident on Lichfield Road, Shire Oak – can you help?


The A461 at Sandhills on the north eastern slope of Shire Oak is very busy.

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday, 24th October 2015), there was a serious accident on the A461 Lichfield Road, Sandhills, north east of Shire Oak – I believe the incident to have been around the Cartersfield Lane junction.

Update from Scott: Accident believed to have been between vehicles in opposing lanes near Home Farm driveway.

Sadly, information is very scarce on the event, an I have had many readers ask about the condition of those involved, as an air ambulance was believed to be in attendance.

West Midlands Police issued the following in answer to my request at 11:30am – thanks, chaps:

Police were called just after 3pm on Saturday to traffic collision between two cars on Lichfield Road, Sandhills. Two men were taken to hospital – injuries not believed to be life threatening. Driver left the scene, detained nearby. Road diversions were in place.

At the time of writing (10am on Sunday) there is nothing in local media and press feeds, either.

I know the Lichfield Road was closed from Shire Oak for most of yesterday afternoon and in to the evening.

If you have any information I’d be glad to hear it. I’ll place comments in moderation for now so you can comment without it automatically being posted publicly. If you prefer, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

As soon as I get better information I’ll share it.

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2 Responses to Road accident on Lichfield Road, Shire Oak – can you help?

  1. Sam Cartright says:

    I was passing at 4pm and have the scene on dash cam. It was nowhere near the junction people were saying it was and was indeed outside the Home Farm entrance on a dead straight 40mph section in good daylight conditions. The scene looked like a bad mess to me with many vehicles there.

  2. Abdah bi says:

    I was taking lesson in that car when the other car hit my instructers car on lichfield road near the farm side me and my instructer we didnt have any serious injuries but at that time I was in a shock it happend so quickly you dont expect this to happen while you taking lesson

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