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I’ve had some excellent images submitted via Facebook by Toni Walker recently of his grandfather, William Walker and of the family, mentioned in the previous post ‘Men of the Underground’ – these are lovely images of a family at work and at play.

Toni posted these four photos last week on Facebook and has kindly given me permission to use them here, for which I thank him profusely. He notes that the tent in the third image was a Hawley bell tent, made in Walsall.

The first picture is puzzling me a bit as it’s been submitted previously, in a different scan by Kellie Carpenter, who thought it was 1890s. Toni says it’s early 1920s, and I’m inclined to agree.

These are excellent period images and I thank Toni for posting them. If you can add to the information, please do: either comment here or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.


‘Group of miners at unknown Colliery. Back left John Walker next to father William Walker Bottom right Sampson Carpenter. Photo about early 1920s.’ Image kindly supplied by Toni Walker. Kellie Carpenter also shred this photo previously, and said ‘A group of Brownhills miners in 1890 – Back row left John Walker, William Walker Front row right Sampson Carpenter he would have been my Grandad’s great uncle I think.’


‘This would probably be Rhyl – Gents swimsuits look unisex. Mid 30s’. Image kindly supplied by Toni Walker.


‘Mealtime on hotel (Tent!) balcony 1937’. Image kindly supplied by Toni Walker.


‘Local coal lorry loaded in Brownhills ready to go to camp, could have been Rhyl or Milford /Brocton. Mid 30s’ Image kindly supplied by Toni Walker.

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  1. Clive says:

    Lovely photos Toni. thank you.

  2. Mr Toni Walker says:

    To avoid confusion in the future, I am a him. In 1936, my father christened me Toni with an I. It was 6 yrs later that the Toni home perm was released. Since then a lot of girls have used the spelling. It has caused some embarrassment at times ,but not having an alternate Christian name to use I have had to get on with it .you might like to explain it on your blog.
    The photo of the miners could not have been 1890s as my grandfather John was not born until 1883 and he looks older than that.
    Thank you
    While I am on I will upload to Facebook a photo of a child (Ivy Gwen Craddock born 1913) standing outside the sweet shop owned by George and Elizabeth Pountney nee Walker, my grandfather s sister..The older girl in pic is George s daughter Hilda born 1904 who married William Oakes. After Georges death Elizabeth married Samual Dunn of Dunn and Hale Glider Coaches and lived at I think no.31 ShireOak
    The sweet shop was next to Princeps toy and hardware shop where the Lloyd s and Midland bank stand now .

    • Toni

      My sincerest apologies, I will amend the post forthwith. I shouldn’t have assumed, sorry about that.

      I suspected the 1890 was incorrect; the quality of the image and the characters didn’t look right.

      Thanks for the images, wonderful stuff, and I’ll post up Ivy in a day or so.

      Again, my sincerest apologies
      Best wishes

  3. carol slater says:

    The photo of the group of miners is from my family tree, Samson Carpenter was my Grandads Uncle, my Grandad was David Carpenter and is in an older post on here.There are lots of miners in my mom’s and dad’s families, myself being a very proud miners daughter. there is one thing ,if I could ask,my mom’s (Gladys Carpenter) cousin was sadly killed at the Coppy pit when he was only sixteen,he had got caught in the winding gear I believe and is buried in St James church yard.His name was George Carpenter but looking up details and newspapers I cant find any mention , it was mid 1930’s does any one know anything thanks

    • carol slater says:

      P.S the year was 1942 when he died and although known as George his real name William his dads name was John Carpenter

    • Caz says:

      Hi Carol, i have also asked for any information about George too. George was my mothers brother…they were both born in 1927, George at the start of the year and my mom Evelyn in December.He was killed on his younger brother Derek.s 8th birthday on24th August 1942. He is buried in St.James church with his Dad, John who died of leukemia Dec1949, and his sister Yvonne who had Downs syndrome and died May 1948, aged 4. Their grave is about 2 in from the path,on the right hand side, maybe a 1/4 way down to where the miners memorial is on the left hand side.If i remember correctly, my mom told me that ‘they’ [the pit owners i assume] tried to say George had a fit and fell in the machinery and my gran stood up at the inquest and shouted that George never had a fit in his life.She said it was in the newspapers, which was why i asked for info. My mom was at home recovering from scarlet fever at the time and was there when my Grandad [John] broke the news to my Gran,Florence isabella [ Bella].I was told that on the day, his dog followed him to work and he had to run back home with it, then run back to the pit and only just made it in time for the cage taking them down. it was a sad time for the family and my gran once told me ‘you never get over losing your kids, but you have to go on living’. Thank you for this comment..i wondered if Sampson was a distant relative and now i know if he was your Grandads Uncle then he must be related to me also ? . I think i have your Great grandad Dave[ my Grandad Johns brother] listed on my family tree.[Born 1891, died 1962,Son of John Dolphin Carpenter, married Dora Brooks] they had 7 children Gladys being one of them. I still see occasionally Tom who married Ethel and Bill Carpenter at family do’s…usually funerals.I didn’t know Georges real name was William ? although i know quite a few of them went by different names. My mom sent me to the Manor once to check how her brother Jack was….i was told they didn’t have a patient Jack Carpenter, was his name John ?… Oh maybe, i said….No we don’t have a John either. when i got home, it turned out he was Edward lol.I do have a copy of a photo of George, if you would like to see it ?

      • Carol Slater says:

        only just seen this ,thankyou so much ,my mom who is 90 still talks about Geoge as they used to lodge with the family in chase rd such a sad time, photo would be great xx

      • Carol Slater says:

        Poor George also had an accident before this fateful one,jumping off a wall , he couldn’t stop and went into the road and under a bus,the bus driver asked my mom if she knew him , yes she said ,so showed the driver who carried George home to Chase rd ,no Doctor came ,he had a bump on his head and luckily recovered, as I said moms family lived as lodgers in her Uncle Johns house xx

  4. Pedro says:

    There is a mention of a William Walker, miner, from The Council Houses, Brownhills in 1926, and in connection with Cannock Chase Colliery.

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