Ain’t nothing but a found dog – now resolved


A fine looking white Stffy found in Brownhills yesterday afternoon – is he yours? Image from Kellymay Worral’s Facebook page.

Update 10:55am Saturday 18th October 2014: Great news! Charlie the Staffy has been reunited with his owner, Dawn Miller who messaged me:

‘Hi just to let u know the white staffy was mine iv been n collected Charlie from hillmans vets he is now home safe n sound thank u for the post! :)’

We seem to be doing a lot of lost and found pets here lately – which is great; it’s nice to do a service for the community. With that in mind, do you recognise the above Staffordshire Bull Terrier? It was found yesterday (Friday 17th October 2014) by Kellymay Worrall in Brownhills.

It’s not been stated where the dog was found, but that looks like it’s up by St. James Church, but I could be very wrong.

Unchipped, the dog has been taken to Hillman’s Veterinary Surgery in Brickiln Street for the time being. You can contact them here:

4 Brickiln St, Brownhills
Open today (Saturday) 9:00am – 12:00pm
Phone 01543 375154
Or check their Facebook page here.

Thanks to reader John Parker who tipped me off. Kellymay’s post on Facebook discussing the hound can be seen here.

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2 Responses to Ain’t nothing but a found dog – now resolved

  1. Tom Drew says:

    The picture of the dog looks like it was taken on the black path going past holland park. I might be wrong but it looks like it. Hope this helps a little bit

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    Good news, indeed!

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