Important appeal: Did you know Charles Bonner?


Charles lived at Oakwood Lodge for a while, which is a modern care home in Willenhall. Image from EAC.

This is very unusual, but I think is somewhat important – this request was posted by the Communication Team at Walsall Council today (4th June 2014) and I’d like all locals to have a think about it, and if any of you can, please do help.

An appeal has gone out in Walsall to try and trace the family or friends of a formal naval man who passed away at one of the town’s nursing homes earlier this month.

Charles Bonner, aged 78, used to live at Oakwood Lodge in Chaucer Avenue, Willenhall.

He passed away at Arboretum Nursing Home in Forest Lane, Walsall, on 23 May 2014, where he was receiving end of life care.

Julie Faulkner, from environmental health at Walsall Council, said: ‘We would like to pass on our condolences to Mr Bonner’s family and friends.

‘We know very little about him so are appealing for details about his family or friends so that they can make the proper arrangements for his funeral.

‘We understand he used to work for the Navy and that he had been married and had two sons.’

If anyone has any information about Mr Bonner’s family they are asked to contact Julie on 01922 653018.

Charles Bonner seems to have had a wife and two sons, and it’s very likely he has surviving family locally. If you knew him, please do contact Julie Faulkner on the number provided.

Thanks in advance. If anyone would prefer, email me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot come and I’ll pass any messages on. 


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7 Responses to Important appeal: Did you know Charles Bonner?

  1. mickysix says:

    Reblogged this on Stickymackhouse my life and other things and commented:
    Please help if you can!

  2. Becky T says:

    How sad there was no family there for him at the end of his life. 🙁

    Do hope someone comes forward.

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  4. Julie Parker says:

    Julie P – any relation to Charles George Bonner VC d1951 known as Gus? his relative is David Partridge of Aldridge, Partridge Allen Solicitors (retired) and British Legion. hope this helps.

  5. Vicky says:

    Wonder if its any relation to this man?

  6. Vicky says:

    Right, I have had a quick look at births records online and can see 3 listings for a Charles Bonner for 1936 give or take 2 yrs. Thing is, I have also located a death / burial record for each of these.

    There was an Edward Charles Bonner born 1936 in Birmingham so that is another possibility. ~He married BERYL J WRIGHT in Birmingham in 1958. I know it is working backwards rather than forwards but at least it is a possible lead. He possibly re-married later on. Need someone with an active membership to a family history website to look into it further.

  7. Mark Bonner says:

    Thanks for being so helpful bb. R.i.p dad. If anyone wants to attend the funeral dont hesitate to contact me on , thanks again 4 support. Mark Bonner.

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