Road accident in Brownhills now


Image of Chester Road closure from @KateCrunch on twitter, posted at 5:52pm. Thanks for Kate’s permission to use it.

This afternoon, Thursday 10th April 2014, there’s been aserious accident involving a child and a lorry in Brownhills.

Thanks for your information – obviously I can’t publish much of it until the police have confirmed matters. I’m sure you understand why.

Update: to clarify, David Evans, who lives nearby tells me Chester Road is closed between the Shire Oak Junction and Anchor Bridge, Lindon Road Junction. Lindon Road is currently open in both directions.

6:00pm – The Chester Road remains shut for accident investigation between the Shire Oak Crossroads and the Anchor Bridge. Lindon Road remains open both ways, and traffic on the Brownhills side is moving fairly freely.

As soon as I get better information I’ll share it.

Here’s a brief report by the Express & Star

From Travel Tom on Twitter

Brownhills, the A452 High Street is closed between Lichfield Road & Lindon Road [Shire Oak – Bob] following a serious accident, involving a child.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Brownhills High Street junction with Chester Road and Lichfield Road. Please AVOID as dealing with a serious collision.

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4 Responses to Road accident in Brownhills now

  1. Andy says:

    I live 5 doors from the accident. An 11 year old boy ran under a lorry. Road still closed. RIP. He didn’t make it the poor chap. Lorry driver as you can imagine he is totally devastated.

    • Andy says:

      added note. I left some flowers at the scene on the grass verge as there is none there yet and I thought he needed some. Thanks to the police for letting me through to place them on the scene. RIP. He was in my nieces class at Shire Oak Academy. My thoughts and prayers are with the family. xx

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  3. Amanda says:

    my thoughts go out to the family R.I.P little man xx

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