Child dies in Brownhills Road accident – police statement


Image of Chester Road closure from @KateCrunch on twitter, posted at 5:52pm. Thanks for Kate’s permission to use it.

This afternoon, Thursday 10th April 2014, there’s been a serious accident involving a child and a lorry in Brownhills. Sadly, the 12 year old involved has died at the scene.

West Midlands Police have just issued the following statement:

Issue Date: 10/04/2014

Schoolboy dies following Brownhills collision

Police are appealing for information after a boy lost his life on a busy Brownhills street today (10th April 2014).

Emergency services were called to Chester Road, near the Anchor Pub just before 3.30pm following reports of a collision involving a child and a lorry.

The ambulance service treated the 12-year-old boy, but despite their best efforts he died at the scene.

Sergeant Paul Hughes, from the Collision Investigation Unit, said: “This happened at a busy time of day on a busy road and we need anyone who witnessed this tragic incident to call me or one of my team.

‘The family of the boy are currently being assisted by specialist officers at this sad time.’

The road currently remains closed as officers continue to investigate the collision.

The 61-year-old lorry driver has been spoken to and is assisting police with their enquiries.

Here are reports by the Express & Star, another by the Birmingham Mail, the Walsall Advertiser and ITV.

My condolences and that of all readers to the family and friends affected by this awful tragedy.

I’d ask readers respect the family and think twice please and be sensible about what they share and forward on social media.

An awful thing indeed.

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21 Responses to Child dies in Brownhills Road accident – police statement

  1. My sincere and heartfelt condolences to this lad’s family and may he rest in peace. This hurts.

  2. Peter says:

    As a Father myself I am in total shock and deeply upset by even just hearing and reading of this tragedy.
    God bless all.

  3. Andy says:

    Just placed the first bunch of flowers at the scene for the young chap. RIP fella and my thoughts are with the parents at this tragic time. Please be careful on all roads round schools.
    Andy B.

    • Andy says:

      This deeply affected me as it happened 5 houses from my home. Thanks to all the local residents for helping out and doing all you could to save the chap.

  4. Rich Burnell says:

    Awful, I hope drivers take heed and make sure they back off the accelerator on the downhill stretch. I see most cars doing a steady 40mph down there which is simply too fast for such a complex, busy road. Such a waste of life.

    • Hi Rich

      There’s no indication in the information presented that speed was a factor, or exactly what caused this dreadful incident.

      The cause is for the accident investigators to establish, I’d rather we didn’t speculate please. Whilst I take the point in general, it’s not relevant here.

      Please folks, be careful in your comments – I’m having to reject a few. No name has been officially released, and let’s allow everyone involved some space to at least try to come to terms with what is a horrific thing to happen.

      Cheers for understanding

  5. Mick P says:

    Terrible thing to have happened. But as Bob said, let’s be careful about attributing blame or assuming contributing factors when we still know very little about the circumstances.

  6. Rosie says:


  7. JACQUI KEEN says:

    Such a terrible tragedy. Thoughts and prayers with the family. But people shouldn’t really go into detail when dont know the circumstances. Doesn’t need to be posted on social media sights. Sleep tight little Angel, x

  8. dan says:

    There too many young lives going 5o waste on the high ways these days rip little man god bless

  9. Bryan says:

    Such a sad loss of life,my thoughts go out to his heart broken family and the poor kids that may of witnessed this tragic incident

  10. Without intending to negate the tragic loss of a such a young life and the impact on his family, we should also spare a thought for the driver involved!. As said in previous posts, we don’t know the circumstances and speculation certainly won’t help.

    Whether or not he was driving sensibly or irresponsibly, the consequences of this incident will be with the driver for the rest of his life, as will be the doubt in his mind as to if he could or should have done something different!

  11. sue benton says:

    I agree with graham burgess, lets not lay blame on anyone, please all kids be carefull crossing busy roads, my thoughts are with the little boys family and the driver and his family. such a tragedy

  12. Ted says:

    this is a terrible tragedy and my thoughts go out to the bereaved family. My thoughts also go out to the driver who must be feeling terrible. I have witnessed the affects on drivers who have been involved in this type of terrible incident and pending the result of the inquiry no matter what the outcome this driver and his family will also be suffering. God bless all those who are suffering at this time including the school friends and family.

  13. charlie says:

    my thoughts go to the boys family lets think about the lorry driver as well may well be a terrible accident chester rd and the high st have always been dangerous for an adult never mind a child

  14. Holly says:

    This has deeply upset myself my regards to the parents of this boy and may he RIP i can relate to what they maybe going through as I was in a similar accident to this I hope the people/person responsible comes forth for them and give this family some closure… My condolences again :’-(

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