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I’ve been contacted by friend of the blog Vicki Phipps, who’s involved in something that’s very close to my heart, and I’m sure close to that of many of the readers, too; she’s setting up a  local support group for folk diagnosed with early onset dementia and their carers.

The group is a Community Interest Company, which means it enjoys the same status as the Lichfield Scrap Barn, in that it’s an operation run purely for the benefit of those it seeks to help.

I know many people have experience of this debilitating condition, and any support is a godsend – particularly in these days of shrinking council care budgets and withering state daycare and support.

I’m happy to support such a community-minded venture. Best of luck to Vicki and all involved.

Vicki wrote:

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Click on the screenshot to visit the Mindful gifts site.

A very much needed group is being set up for people with early onset dementia in the Walsall area. The group will welcome carers, friends, family as well as people with dementia. The group will enable people to discuss issues they face with their peers, receive vital information and provide a platform for people to socialise.

The greatest benefit of the peer support group is making friends and sharing experiences with people who are in the same position. The twice-monthly meetings will aim to be a social experience where people not only chat but also take part in activities. People can be honest and say how they’re feeling without fear or embarrassment.

For more information please contact Vicki Phipps, Mindful Gifts, on 07828 935451 or 01922 495994 or email

Mindful Gifts is a community interest company which means we operate for the benefit of the community and not for personal gain. Our aim is to enable more people with dementia to take part in meaningful activities that have a positive impact on their wellbeing.

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