Fit for a queen

Continuing the Carnival theme (can there be a better one for such a summery spell?) Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler has been weaving his rapscallion magic and dredging the newspaper archive, finding two pieces in the Lichfield Mercury of 12th July 1935 and 25th July of the same year. Bear in mind that half of the fantastic film I dared yesterday covers this year, and the chap on the bike may well be The Silvenos. So much to correlate here – the newspaper archive is a wonderful thing.

Note some very light and deft use of language; ‘The Clerk of the Weather’ was particularly charming, I thought. Note also the name Dr. Bradford. He was a fine man, by all accounts, and a worth successor to Maddever, also a good doctor.

Thanks again to David and Peter, without whom this blog would be bugger all, frankly. Both they, and you readers make this a pleasure to curate. Cheers.

If you have anything to add, please feel free.


From the Lichfield Mercury, Friday, 12th July 1935. Isn’t she a picture of the age?

From the Lichfield Mercury, Friday, 25th July 1935:

Brownhills Carnival

To-morrow’s Attractive Function

If the Clerk of the Weather is in a good mood tomorrow (Saturday) and blesses the country with a fine day. Brownhills Carnival should prove a really enjoyahle one, for such a large numher of events have heen arranged that it cannot help hut he a success.

Dr. R. G Bradford is president of the Carnival Committee, and Councillor S. Breeze, J.P., the vice-president. The procession promises to be an exceptionally large one, and the route it take is the same as last year. The prizes offered for the different entries are Many, and. include the following:— The Steers Challenge Cup and £1 for the hest trader’s outfit on exhibition, prizea for the most efiective costumes, best character costume, the most effective tableau on a dray, decorated horses. cycles, and most humorous lady and gentleman collector.

Councillor R. A. ]ones’s cup and 20s. will he ofered for the best tableaux by six or more children from day or Sunday school, and a prize will also he given for the most comical group. As can he seen from the list. there is a great variety of prizes, which should make the procession an efleetive and humorous one.

Jazz bands too will ‘play’ [Interesting use of quote marks – Bob] their part in the day’s proceedings. and (to the time of writing) fourteen bands have already entered. To add to the Carnival spirit generally it is to he hoped that large nurnhers of people will enter for the house decoration competition, which will he judged by Mrs. Watts and a committee of ladies.

After the procession. the Carnival will he kept up on the Warrener’s Arms Ground, where the entertainment is of a high quality. Three special ‘acts’ have been engaged, which should prove very entertaining; they are ‘Roland and Bert,’ equilibrists in head and hand balancing; – ‘The Stanleys,’ comedy acrobats, posturing and potpourri; and ‘The Silvenos’ comedy cycle performers. Entertainment will also be provided by local performers, for a physical training display will he given by the girls of Ogley Hay Senior School, through the kindness of Miss Priestley, and a dancing exhibition by the pupils of Miss Cripton will no douht find a large audience.

A large programme of sports has heen arranged. including races for hoth children and adults, while Pat Collins’ fun fair will he in attendance. The Carnival Queen (Miss Eileen Paget) who was crowned yesterday (Thursday), will he given, with her maids of honour (the Misses Rose Jackson, Iris Charles, Maggie Haynes, and Lily Frankham). the chief place in the procession. and it is to he hoped her reign will he a happy one. The Cannock Chase Colliery Prize Band will lead the procession, and will play selections during the afternoon and evening.

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  1. Clive says:

    Nice one lads, another piece of the jigsaw of local history in its place.

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