Access restored. 4:50pm, Sunday, 4th November 2012.

I was pleased to note whilst passing Engine Lane, Brownhills this afternoon that the chain that had been fixed across the cycle way and footpath has been removed. This is good news for cyclists and walkers alike, and I thank those who originally placed it for seeing our point of view. Cheers.

Sadly, this afternoon, motorbike scramblers were on the cycleway, operating off the old cement works bridge over the canal. The RADAR gate had been opened of the towpath below, and motorbike tracks led up beside the steps. These vandals were tearing up the path, and seemed to be leaving a large amount of litter. I still hold te opinion that if you can afford a decent bike, leathers and gear, then you can afford to join a club and use an official facility.

Tearing up the commons, reducing the tracks to slurry and scaring the wildlife is unnecessary and selfish. It’s also illegal.

The police have been informed.

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  • warren

    I don’t know, one problem solved and the next one moves in.
    These motor bikers are a blight on common spaces all over the country.


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