A new resolution

Gareth Thomas was good to his word, and rescanned last week’s 1971 images of Clayhanger  at a much higher resolution. The fragment below, showing Clayhanger Refuse Tip, or ‘The Spot’ as it was known, can be seen below.

At full size it’s clear to see the drainage arrangement from the canal overflow at Clayhanger Bridge, and also that the overflow, opposite what is now Tesco, fed a small creek heading southwards. Just right of image centre is the ruins of the old Clayhanger pump house.

There’s loads in there to spot – my thanks, as ever, to Gareth for his wonderful acts of generosity and felicity.

Clayhanger Common as it was in 1971, captured by aerial survey. Clcik on the image for a full-size version. Image kindly donated by Gareth Thomas and Lichfield District Council, 2012.

There is a full size scan of the image the above fragment came from, scanned at 600 DPI available here. It’s 36 megabytes in size, and will take ages to download – but it’s worth it.

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  1. Karen says:

    Just a slight correction – Clayhanger refuse tip was not known as “The Spot”. The Spot, more correctly Spot Lane, was the name of the pathway that went from Clayhanger Road to Brownhills via the canal bridge. Years ago there were a couple of cottages about half way along, but they were condemned and eventually fell down, according to my Dad! The path has been moved now, but is still called The Spot by the older villagers.
    As a child in the 60s we would walk along the Spot to get to junior school in Ogley Hay. It was a scary walk, and there were frequent issues with flashers being seen along there. There was an ongoing campaign to get us a school bus,, as in those days there was no bus service in the village. They finally got one after I had moved uo to Shire Oak – too late for our generation!

  2. Tina Hill says:

    yes we did get a bus, It was mandy coaches If I remember correctly. they were always late or didn’t come. and Mr. Wickson got an old coach, and we had a school bus. it didn’t go to shire oak until Their son went there. The path was and still is to me, the spot, and yes it was cold and scary. I was amazed when I came home and saw a new bridge across the canal to the spot. also we used to call at Joes sweety shop on the way there if we were lucky enough to have any tuck money.
    I remember the caravan park near the track too. loved that when it was there , we could use the toilets instead of going home. then they built the new estate, and things were never the same again.

  3. Clive says:

    I can see more detail now. thanks Gareth your a star.

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