A quick correction from Andy Dennis

I had a brief note from top chap and blog research stalwart Andy Dennis the other day – I kept meaning to reply, but as regular contributors know only to well, I’m not too good with mail. If it’s a choice between a post and writing email… no contest. My apologies.

Anyway, veracity and truth are important, so I just want everyone to know that there’s been a mistake in the Edward Brown posts. The chap’s name was actually Edwin. I shall alter the other posts over the next couple of days, but keep the original text intact. It seems I mucked up the image descriptors in that one, too. I’ve now sorted it.

Cheers for the note, old chap. I don’t thank you for your work here nearly enough, and it’s always so wonderful. Thank you, and hope you enjoy a better connection with BT.

Hello Bob

I’ve migrated to BT, so please note new address.

I must apologise for allowing an inaccuracy to perpetuate.  Ted Brown’s name was Edwin, not Edward.  I used Ted, as that was how he was known, just in case any of your silver-surfer readers knew him.  I decided to let it pass, thinking it would be a one-off, but it recurs.  No need for you to apologise, all my fault.


Edwin, on the right. Not Edward ;0)

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  2. Andy Dennis says:

    Thanks, Bob. I still accept full responsibility.

  3. Miranda says:

    Hi I have been reading your site I live in a Whitehorse road terris house. and would like any information you have on them.

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