A great man needs our support…

Gareth Perrins-Seedhouse: a remarkable chap.

I’ve been contacted by council officer, good friend and fellow Walsall Blogger Kate Goodall, who’s asked me to put the word out for a colleague and Brownhillian who’s raising money for the Young Person’s Cancer Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. Gareth’s story is touching and life-affirming, and will touch the hearts of blog readers.

Kate sent me this email:

Hi again.

One of my colleagues, Gareth Perrins-Seedhouse, has cancer. I mentioned him in a blog piece on Palfrey Park last year. He’s now fundraising for the Young Person’s Cancer Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, by undertaking the Shenstone Fun Run.

He’s put something on facebook tonight which I think you’d like to support. Gareth is just one of life’s lovely people. He’s so passionate about the parks he looks after, and passionate too about his lovely wife Nina and their two beautiful young boys Cole and Maxi.

A few of us had commented to Gareth that he should set up a just giving page for ease of donations. He asked how. I told him not to be a lazy git and google it. Typically, he responded that he was in bed trying to finish off some capital funding bids for park projects. Not many would have that passion and dedication whilst they’re in and out of hospital.

Gareth’s donation page is at http://www.justgiving.com/Gareth-Perrins-Seedhouse

I asked if it was ok to use a pic and for you to put it on your blog. Gareth’s response was ‘Yeah to both that would be quality. Im one of his daily visitors to his site being brownhills born and bred’.

Thanks for sorting.


Gareth tells his story:

Dear Friends,

On the 1st July i will be taking part in the Shenstone Fun Run I’m looking for sponsorship to support a local chairty close to my heart – the Young Persons Cancer Unit at the QE2.

As many of you will be aware since 2008 I have been battling an extremely rare form of cancer which unfortunately is now incurable.

With my own determination and the support of Nina, cloose family and a great friends network I have managed to exceed the initial prognosis in January 2011of less than 12 months life expectancy. However my daily battle continues and It is clear that my life will be short but certainly intend it to be actioned packed.

However hard my life feels at times and periods where despite been positive I feel sorry for myself, I’m always humbled by other people I come into contact with that have similar if not worse daily battles.

One such set of people are the young people at the Young Persons Cancer Unit at the QE2 hospital in Brum, whom I have had the pleasure of spending time with during my various inpatient  treatment programmes.

These young people aged between 15 – 24 tackle their various conditions and daily trials without fuss, with dignity and so much positivity – some of whom at such an early age are facing huge battles including a premature end to life.

These young people are greatly helped during their time in the ward by the excellent dedicated staff and the Teenage Cancer Trust who fund raise to ensure that theye are able to continue with studies during treatment, learn new skills, have access to games consoles, computers, TVs, books, DVDs and special events nights and activities.

Without the hard work of the staff and the Charity none of these key features would be possible.

Therefore on the 1st July 2012 I will be taking part (hopefully alongside Nina) in the Shenstone Fun Run (well walk) to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Unit. This is a great local cause and one as you can see very much close to my heart.

Due to my health achieving the walk will be no mean feat but I’m certainly hopping to give it my all.

I have an ambitious target of raising at least £250 but hopefully closer to the £500 mark between us.

Therefore if anyone would like to sponsor me and or Nina we would be extremely grateful and very much welcomed.

All donations, however small, would be great and thank you for the continued best wishes and support I receive.



So, please support Gareth. I think we’ve all been touched by this horrid, horrid illness in some way. Together, medical science and diligent research are slowly winning the battle, but it takes money and dedicated people. None of that is possible without donations.

This seems like as good a time as any to include my favourite comment on cancer from the brilliant XKCD.

Randall, the artist behind this remarkable piece of work, drew it during the treatment of his partner for cancer. Click for a larger version.

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10 Responses to A great man needs our support…

  1. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    thanks for the note… and thanks to Kate, too, for the link to the donation page.

  2. kate Goodall says:

    Thanks to Bob for posting this. And thanks also to Bob’s readers who have swelled Gareth’s sponsorship fund. Can we get this Brownhills chap over £2k?

    As I said in my email to Bob, Gareth is truly one of life’s lovely people. Most of us would probably have keeled over with what he’s had to deal with over the last so many years. It says much for the person he is that he’s hell bent on fundraising for a cause he so eloquently explains is important to him, whilst still looking after park stuff late at night when I for one think he should be cuddling up with the lovely Nina!

    A message from Gareth..

    Can’t believe how many people who don’t know me are donating which is great and most importantly the good work of the charity is being well promoted and the funds will help to make a real positive difference. Thanks again x

  3. warren parry says:

    Thanks for highlighting this Bob, i have donated and posted a link up on my own blog, lets hope Gareth can make it to 2k and more.

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