Enclosed spaces

An 1876 'Inclosure' map of Walsall Wood and parts of Brownhills, Shelfield and High Heath. See below for download links.

Top local history technician [Howmuch?] has been working on this beauty for a while now. It’s an ‘Inclosure’ map of Walsall Wood, dating from, I believe, 1876. This will be of interest, no doubt, to the Walsall Wood Wallahs like Davids Evans and Oakley, but also to people from Shelfield, Brownhills and High Heath. It’s not an accurate map geographically – it was made and used for legal purposes only, and shows property ownership. It’s a thing of great beauty and interest, and many of the names contained within it will be familiar to readers here. I featured a fragment of it a few weeks ago in the post ‘Where the Streets have a name‘. An awful lot of personal effort has been put in by [Howmuch?] into cleaning and presenting this map. He’s every bit the star and this blog would be a shambles without him.

Cheers old chap.

You can download high quality versions of this map at the following two links:

1876 Walsall Wood Enclosure map, PDF version 6.4 megabytes

1876 Walsall Wood Enclosure map, JPG version 6.4 megabytes

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  • David Evans

    HI Bob
    many thanks..and a big thankyou to Howmuch. “devisee” is a new word to me..Help! please

    • devisee n. a person who receives a gift of real property by a will. The distinction between gifts of real property and personal property are actually blurred, so terms like beneficiary or legatee cover those receiving any gift by a will.

  • Picked a name at random off the map as it sounded unusual – Asher Snape. He was age 31 on the 1871 census and was licensee of the Swan Inn. He was also a farmer with 85 acres.

  • Any maps of old Aldridge?

  • David Evans

    HI Bob
    thanks, Ziksby. The name Henry Smith Earp caught my attention..any relation to ……you know who, I wonder?

    • Henry Smith Earp was a Wolverhampton landowner who lived at Graisley Hill House on the Penn Road (1871 census) later moving to The Vinery on Dunstall Hill. Graisley House was later the HQ for AJS motorcycles whose factory was built in the grounds (later Star Aluminium and Wolverhampton Pressings.)

      • Hi Roger

        Cheers for you input, brilliant as ever, and always appreciated.

        Earp seems quite a popular local name – I worked with a couple over the years (who all suffered the same jokes).

        Was the notorious Wyatt not said to have some connection to the UK, or am I imagining it?



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