Don’t let go – the menace of ballon releases and chinese lanterns

As predicted, the wonderful Morgan Bowers – Senior Countryside Ranger for Walsall Council – has really smashed this blogging thing. The dust has barely settled from setting the blog up, and Morgan is already writing hard-hitting, controversial posts and giving solid advice on wildlife and environmental stuff that matters. Today, she tackles something very close to my heart – the pollution and damage caused by balloon races, releases and other such events, and the nonsensical practice of launching Chinese lanterns.

It’s difficult sometimes to explain to people who’re often organising a charitable event that balloon releases are a bad idea. In a nutshell, the litter caused chokes wildlife and traps birds. Please, if anyone you know is thinking of staging one of these events, please show them the following article.

It’s great that finally, Walsall has someone speaking out about this kind of thing from a position of authority. We’re not being killjoys here, these practices cause serious harm.

A great post on a controversial subject. Click the screenshot to visit the original post at Morgan's blog.

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