Oh, deer!

Rutting stags get down to business on the field near the Waterworks in Green Lane, between Walsall Wood and Clayhanger, on November 1st. Photo by Jody, and taken from her Flickr photo stream. Click to visit her blog.

I spotted a great article on a blog I’ve been following for a while. It’s a local blog by a lady known only as Jody, and it contains lovely, engaging reports of her walks and rambles, mainly around the Clayhanger Marsh and Ryders Mere area. I believe she’s a friend of Chaz Mason, our other great local wildlife blogger working the same area.

You may remember that a few weeks ago I posted a timely warning to beware of rutting deer, which are generally aggressive, stroppy and less easily scared when they’re getting ready to mate. Well, on Tuesday 1st November, Jody observed red deer stags engaging in a competitive rut on Grange Farm, near the sewage works off Green Lane in Walsall Wood. Thankfully, she had the presence of mind to record not just pictures but video, too. Please visit her excellent blog to find out more.

I continue to be bowled over by the tremendous diversity, quality and energy of local bloggers like Jody and Chaz. They work hard to document the things that many of us either can’t get to see, or don’t otherwise know are happening. It’s a credit to the local online community that all this home-grown content continues to develop and thrive, all collated, of course, by the wonderful YamYam and it’s related sites, more of which at the weekend.

Nice one Jody. Loving your blog.

Jodysnatuewalks: another example of top quality, homespun journalism.
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  • David Evans

    Hi Bob

    a huge thankyou , please. to Jody…these videos are amazing!
    best wishes

  • Caz

    hi Bob,many thanks to you and Jody for these fantastic videos. i walk up the sewerage track /road on a regular basis, and one day a stag stepped out form the trees, on to the road, just a few yard behind us. Luckily i had my camera on me that day and he very kindly let me take some photos, but if I meet up with these three, i think i’ll jog in the opposite direction lol
    The deer are regularly crossing Green Lane between the fields, and you can see the opening they are using very near to the bend, between the sewerage farm and the woods. Despite their being signs up and speed restrictions, there are still cars travelling through at ldiotic speeds. At least one of these beautiful creatures has been killed, and i would imagine, if you hit one, they could do a lot of damage to your car.
    best wishes caz

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