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I thought I’d throw up a quick followup post for reader and top blog contributor David Evans, who in response to my post of old Lichfield pictures earlier today requested a photo of the Adelphi Cinema that stood in Bore Street, Lichfield. This cinema had previously been, as David states, the original Garrick Theatre. All these images are from the same, excellent Facebook group ‘You’re probably from Lichfield, Staffs if…‘ as featured in my previous post, In the City.

Here called The Palladium, more commonly known as The Adelphi. it was where Wilkinson's is today. Picture posted by Shan Ross in the Facebook group 'You're probably from Lichfield, Staffs if...'
Before that, as David says, it was indeed the original Garrick Theatre. Picture posted by Grahame Foster in the Facebook group 'You're probably from Lichfield, Staffs if...'
However, The Regal looked like a better class of establishment to me. Picture posted by Paul Jones in the Facebook group 'You're probably from Lichfield, Staffs if...'
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  • David Evans

    Hi Bob
    many many thanks..I had completely forgotten the name of the cinema..but can still remember the “doorman”..and his contribution to “developing” the English vocabulary, but I don’t think even old Samuel J had included it in his dictionary..
    Many thanks……I have sent you an email and a school photo which may be interesting to others with a connection to these happy days in Lichfield.
    best wishes and thanks again,
    David Evans

  • P.Graham

    I grew up in Lichfield and attended many pantomimes at the Garrick Theatre. My mother and her friends went almost every week as their night out. Many happy memories.

  • Some super pictures on this blog. I’m currently trying to piece together a history of the Picture House in Lower Bridge Street, Walsall (became Gaumont then Odeon). The pictures and history I have so far can be found at http://www.beerwurlitzer.org.uk/walsall-picture-house.html If anyone can add anything, please feel free to get in touch


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