Walsall council netheads need you!

The next focus group meeting for canvassing opinion on the new Walsall Council website takes place at Walsall Council House, Thursday at 6pm. Absolutely all are welcome, and it doesn’t matter if you didn’t go to the previous meeting – the more new faces the better. We all complain about the woeful state of the council website, what’s needed are volunteers to pitch in and offer straight opinions. It’s painless, fun, and there may even be tea and biscuits.

The web site may be lamer than a three-leged dog, but this is your chance to contribute to a better way.

Like many things, we shouldn’t complain at the result if we can’t be bothered to take part. All participants go away with the rosy glow of having improved something that loads of people use very day, and have a real influence on the way Walsall presents itself on the net.

Please contact webteam@walsall.gov.uk for further details. Be there or be square.

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