Election results for Brownhills and Aldridge North just announced

From the Walsall Council twatter stream:

and from Councillor Mike Flower


Congratulations to both Councillors – they work hard for their constituents, and although I may not always agree with them, I respect their dedication to the community. I will update this post as more details become available.

Results from Brownhills:

Aston, Vivienne Joy Conservative Party 1279
Bradburn, Andrew John Democratic Labour Party 72
Cassidy, Barbara Labour Party 1758**
Ryan, Ian Martin Liberal Democrats 219

** Elected

Results from Aldridge North and Walsall Wood:

Flower, Mike Conservative Party 2167**(H)
Grainger, Bob Labour Party 1094
Greveson, Mark Robert Liberal Democrats 267
Majorowicz, Terence British National Party 307

** Elected

Liberal Democrats beaten into fourth place by the nutjobs. That’s got to hurt. Nice to see the BNP falling flat on their arses, too.

You can find the results from other wards as they become available at Walsall Council’s Election Results webpage.

Added 6/6/20111, 1:55pm

Right. All the results are in. We are in for interesting times.

Walsall’s election has been lost by the Tories – except in a few wards where Labour worked really hard. There were a few upsets – Pete Smith losing Blakenall is a shock for starters, Mike Bird’s leadership is surely now in question as other contenders will attempt to dethrone the liability he represents. Seeing McKracken shipped into a safer ward to save her backside is a clear sign of the division that will become apparent within the ruling group over the coming weeks.

Whoever tries to oust Bird will face a number of challenges – working with the Lib Dems will not be a bed of roses and there’s much PR damage left to undo. Watch this space. I look forward to comments by top local bloggers The Plastic Hippo and The Mushroom. All in all, an excellent result.

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  1. Exile says:

    Democracy in Walsall would be better served if all ofthe Political Parties did some campaigning. In my part of the Aldridge North, Walsall Wood Ward we received 3 separate communications from the Conservatives and none from any other party. I didn’t know who was standing for the election, let alone what they represented, until I saw the ballot paper. Until other local parties start caring enough for their potential voters to at least communicate with them, then the status quo (give or take minor variations) will persist.

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