Lower than a snake’s knees…

I’ve received another press release from Jo Hunt at West Midlands Police, and this one beggars belief. I don’t know what kind of people steal a mobility scooter, but someone must have seen something. Please think back and try and recall if you saw something unusual in the area. This is a callous and unpleasant theft and if you’re offered a cheap mobility scooter, please think carefully as to where it may have come from. The people who nicked this vital piece of equipment can only be regarded as the pond scum and beneath contempt.

5 May 2011


POLICE are appealing for information after callous thieves stole a mobility scooter from the front garden of a house in Brownhills.

The thieves stole the scooter from Fourth Avenue, Brownhills at approximately 10.40am Saturday 30 April.

It is believed that two men entered the front garden and loaded the scooter onto a white van before driving off.

The first man is described as white, aged approximately 40 years, large build about 5ft 10ins tall with black hair beard and moustache. He is thought to have been wearing a blue and green striped woolly hat and dark green t-shirt.

The second male was also white and approximately 15 years. He was of a large build around 5ft 2ins tall with short dark hair with a blonde highlighted fringe. He was wearing a dark, patterned t-shirt.

PC Julie Armstrong, from Brownhills neighbourhood policing team, said: “This is a despicable crime targeting a vulnerable member of the community, whose access to mobility is now diminished. We are appealing for anyone who may have seen these men to contact us.”

Contact Walsall police on 0345 113 5000 or you can contact Crimestoppers the independent charity anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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13 Responses to Lower than a snake’s knees…

  1. Litesp33d says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I will explain.

    The biggest crime in regard to these things is that anyone buys one new. That is the biggest rip off. My Uncle purchased one for £2500. He used it for 6 months and then became unable to use it due to senility issues. He probably had those issues when he was persuaded to part with the money to buy it in the first place.

    Any way it was decided to sell it. No one wanted it. The dealer who sold it did not want it back. In the end I think someone had it for about £25. What depreciation.

    I get the impression that guilt features very heavily in purchase of most of these things. Why anyone who thinks about it would pay such massive amounts of money for something that ultimately has no value escapes me.

    I urge everyone who wants one of these to avoid dealers like the plague. Ask around widely first for a 2nd hand one.

    It does raise one question though. If the owner has sufficient mobility issues to need a scooter why weren’t they sitting on it. Or is it as I suspect with many of these vehicles users (especially after seeing their obesity) just sloth and laziness. I doubt any of them have ever, at any stage in their lives, ever walked more than 3 miles in one go.

  2. Janet says:

    I expect that it wasn’t in use as the unfortunate person had needed to to get to the house but then had nowhere safe to leave it – it surely doesn’t take too many brain cells to work that out. Unless there’s a garage, these users constantly must be worried about this type of crime especially as they are so reliant on them.
    Oh if anyone was that lazy then surely they wouldn’t have bothered to leave the house!

  3. Andy says:

    2/10 you get those two for making a point that might make someone argue with you but lose massively for sheer unpleasantness that means you’ll get no takers. Amusing fake uncle story though, so maybe I’m being harsh, 3/10.

  4. Jess says:

    What a ridiculous comment…are you trying to say that people with disabilities will never come across a time when a place is not fully accessible and they have to enter that place aided in some other way? Most likely reason is the house had a step and so impossible to bring mobility scooter inside (very heavy for someone with a disability don’t you think?)…

    I would dare say that yes a severe disability would prevent you from ever walking 3 miles in a row!! And yes, obesity is a problem in people with disabilites because they don’t get the support or physio needed to aid them to exercise properly.

  5. theaardvark says:


    Wow. That really cut you didn’t it? The fact that enabling your Uncle’s mobility for 6 months cost £2,450 has really cut deep. So deep that the mere mention of “Mobility Scooter” drives you into such a rage that you’re unable to see the essence of the story here; that some scrote has deprived an individual of their mobility. A mobility that was so precious to your Uncle that he paid £2,500 for it.

    I feel for you and the money lost on the scooter. Or at least I would have if you hadn’t been so self-absorbed.

  6. Andy Webb says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the first comment. I will explain.

    This person is what is known as the common troll. Trying to amuse themselves by getting pleasure from other peoples misfortune. These type of scooters are a godsend for people, helping to get them out and about, in some cases stopping someone else having to do things for them and giving them some independence. The real lazy people are the ones that don’t want the scooter and would rather someone else go to the shop for them. In most cases they are for people who really need them.
    Finally “Why anyone who thinks about it would pay such massive amounts of money for something that ultimately has no value escapes me”. If I where house bound and could not get about, I don’t think I could put a value on this sort of lifeline. The people that stole this are the lowest form of scum.

  7. Paul Groves says:

    @litesp33d Thanks for that fantastic example of a sweeping generalisation born out of your mind-numbing ignorance and no doubt a large helping of arrogance.

  8. pedro says:

    Had to look this up to be sure Bob, as a silver surfer, but looks like you have a Troll.

    Had heard of the expression “Don’t feed the Trolls” and I think it must apply here.

    All the best to you and your readers, Pedro

  9. stymaster says:

    Indeed. Just push him back under his bridge. It’s only a Z-grade troll anyway.

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  12. cheryl mansell says:

    Im the daughter of the victim, mobility scooter was never returned the scum that took the scooter were never court.

    Thank you to the person who kindly donated a scooter for my dad and thank you to the people who gave info on people.

    FYI! The mobility scooter was on the garden due to my dads friend coming to service it.

  13. cheryl mansell says:

    Lmao. You people make me laugh my dad has got a condition where his bones are crumbling and he has curveitcha of the spine ( I dont know how its spelt ) so no hes not at all fucking lazy hes serverly disabled. Oh and hes has a bad heart so before you start opening ya mouths about my dad being ‘lazy’ you need to know all the facts.

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