Days like these

I just wanted to point out to regular blog readers who don’t follow me on twatter or Facebook that I’m taking part in the ‘30 Days of Biking‘ project. The idea is that you ride your bike every single day in April, and record something of that ride online for others to see and share.

I’ve started a mini blog on Tumblr – a great service for posting snippets of media, photos video and suchlike, and I’ll be updating it every day with something I’ve captured while out and about.

Tumblr – interesting. Click on the image to visit the mini-blog.

I thought that a little blog would probably be a better way to to do this than just swamping this one with material some readers won’t be interested in. So far, there are photos and a video of a ride round Brownhills Common.

The 30 days project is an interesting idea from Minneapolis cycle nuts Patrick Stephenson and Zachariah Shaap, who started the project two years ago. Challenging hardcore bikers, fair weather cyclists still dormant from winter and newcomers alike using only blood, sweat, bike grease and twitter, the challenge has reached more than 87 countries across the globe. It encourages riders to document their everyday rides on the net and share them with the world, and the 1700 plus enthusiasts also signed up.

You can find out about the 30 days project at their website, on twatter, Facebook, Flickr and Dailymile. It’s too late now for new signups, but spring is in the air, the flowers are out and spring is a fantastic time to get out and explore the world around you by bike.

Happy riding, and do follow along.

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3 Responses to Days like these

  1. Marco says:

    A pretty cool idea and, if I was braver, I’d have a go.
    Having managed to come off my bike in both my last two attempts (one pretty scarily) I thought I’d bow out my relationship with two-wheeled contraptions with whatever vestige of dignity left in me.
    Well done – would be great if you organised a sponsorship/mile for charity etc…

  2. CAZ says:

    Well done Bob, after a 35 mile bike ride l wouldn’t have the energy to pick up a laptop let alone blog about it. keep up the good work.

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