Move into the light

Today, spring cranked up a notch. The sun was high, the sky was blue. The naked trees still spoke of winter, but the daffodils, primroses and late snowdrops knew better. The birds sang beautifully, the air was fresh and clean and smelled of the new season. Next week, the clocks will advance, and a new season will finally be on her throne.

Church of the Holy Angels, Hoar Cross, Staffordshire - a church with a truly sad history. Built at the behest of Lady Meynell, of the adjacent Hoar Cross Hall, in memorial to her late husband tragically killed in a hunting accident. It is said his likeness is carved into the faces of the stone angels that decorate the eaves. 4:43pm, Saturday, 19th March 2011.

The churchyard is currently dappled with little clumps of primroses. 4:44pm, Saturday, 19th March 2011.

This is certainly a chaffinch - but he seemed much larger than the ones that visit my garden. Pipe Ridware, Staffordshire. 4:20pm, Saturday, 19th March 2011.

Can there be a more certain sign of spring than fresh green crops and a bright blue sky? Farewell, Staffordshire. 3:26pm, Saturday, 19th March 2011.

Here at Saddlesall, Staffordshire, the Trent splits into two to form an island. 5:29pm, Saturday, 19th March 2011.


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