Got a deal with Orange? Think again…

A disturbing problem with an Orange mobile phone account has been blogged by Jayne Howarth, professional journalist, busy mum and curator of Common People, newsblog for our posher neighbours in Pelsall.

Jayne’s £5456.26 data bill isn’t the only horror story I’ve heard from this mobile provider; I personally had terrible problems with their customer service some years ago. A very flexible attitude to the truth seems common, they never returned a single call when promised and once they’ve got you trapped in a contract, any desire for customer satisfaction seems to evaporate. Oh, and their software modifications to otherwise good phones renders them crash prone, buggy and useless.

While you’re over there, do take a look at Common People, but please remember to wipe your feet first, and don’t handle any of the ornaments.

I’ve used HOW MUCH data? Orange, you are wrong AGAIN at Jayne Howarth Media.

I’ve blogged about Orange in the past, when it scrapped my email account without telling me.
It took a long time to trust the company again (actually, I’ve never really trusted it since).
When I swapped phones and renewed my contract in January (yes, stupidly staying with Orange, against my better judgment), I chose an HTC Desire with 500MB data allowance per month.I asked for my new contract details to be emailed or sent via post to me. I received nothing…

Read more at Jayne Howarth Media…

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3 Responses to Got a deal with Orange? Think again…

  1. Kate Goodall says:

    Can’t say my final experience with them, after 15 years on contract, was a happy one. At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.

  2. stymaster says:

    As I’ve said on Jane’s blog, I have had bad experiences too. They are, quite frankly, bastards. Worse, they’re not even competent bastards.

  3. Skeptical says:

    Agree Orange Customer Service appalling; have been with them for 10 years, all the family with them but they would not budge on charging me for unlocking an Iphone that was bought at an Orange shop (non-contract) for pay as you go. I did not know it was locked (have never used Contracts and always bought phones outright) until I tried another Sim Card for an overseas trip. Takes 20 days to get an unlock code and then 30 days if you want to keep number. Customer loyalty meant nothing – so I will return the favour. All the family now coming off Orange.

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