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Over at the Pigblog, the Stymaster is currently working his way through a whole shedload of old slides and cine film that were taken by, and belonged to, his old man. Initial results are fescinating and fit well into the local history thing I’m trying to cultivate here on my own blog.

It’s great to see other people join in, and the Stymaster has always been a top contributor here on the Brownhills Blog. His observations on Stubbers Green are as sharp and prescient as you’d expect, and the images are captivating.

PigBlog »  All Change at Stubbers Green.

During my recent search of slides a box of 1975 slides came to light, taken by my father, and someone was kind enough to scan them and do a bit of post-processing to clear up the colours for me- thanks Jim. In amongst them was a fairly good image of Barns Lane, looking over towards Stubbers Green, Aldridge Sailing Club, the old Barnett & Beddows brickworks, and in the distance, Brownhills. It’s quite interesting to compare the 1975 shot with one I took on 6th March 2011…

Read more at the Pigblog…

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  2. John Harris says:

    G’day, I am writing from New Zealand. I am trawling through family history and was looking at the Barnetts – hence my interest in your blog with the photo of the Barnett and Beddows Brickworks (Edward Barnett having married Elizabeth Beddows). Can you point me to anywhere that I might get more of a history of this brickworks and the colliery that the Barnetts owned?
    John Harris

    • Matt Dale says:

      I know that this is a really old request, but my grandfather was the manager of the brickworks through the 60’s & 70’s

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