A winter place

I was contacted a couple of days ago by reader Steve Hickman, who previously provided such an excellent investigative thread into the geographical changes around Stonnall and the Chester Road in the last century. Steve has supplied a couple of excellent pictures from a not-often photographed era. I don’t actually remember this winter; I remember 1981 being very, very cold, though.

Steve also pointed out a service I was unaware of – Historypin.com – which seems like a kind of Panoramio for old photos, providing a geolocation service for historical photos. This is certainly a service I will look to use in future, so I thank Steve for that.

As ever, If you know anyone featured in these pictures or have anything else to add, please don’t hesitate to contact me or comment on this post.

Steve had the following to say:

I’m sure by now people are getting pretty fed up with the wintry conditions. Perhaps even more fed up with pictures of snow and ice. So sorry here are a couple more just to prove that it has all happened before, though perhaps not quite so early in the year. These were taken at the top of the hill on Church Road. Opposite St Peters Church in Stonnall. The date – February 1984.

I wonder how many people can remember that one. I have posted these pictures on History pin – just click through and type in Stonnall, or navigate to it. Here you can see the picture superimposed on Google Maps.

I would say this photo was taken from the edge of the church car-park. Those are the church gates in the upper right. That's an awful lot of snow...

This picture was taken from about the same place, but a little to the left. Love the 1980's fashion.


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7 Responses to A winter place

  1. Rose says:

    I was three!

  2. Pedro says:

    Hi Bob and Steve,

    I had not come across History Pin, and thanks for mentioning it.

    I had started an Old Birmingham tag on Panoramio, mainly from pictures and slides of my late uncle…


    So now they have a home where they may be of more interest to local people.

    Thanks again,


  3. Graeme Fisher says:

    Oh I remember the snow up there…..

    We walked on the top of the hedge to the rear right of the photographer, the bit down to Gravelly lane.

    And then dived headfirst into eight foot drifts…..

    Now THAT was snow!

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  7. Robert John Hastilow says:

    I remember about ’62 the snow had drifted across the road by the church and it was level straight across the road you could not even see the hedge tops

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