A short message for Ian Payne

Hello Ian. I see you’ve been carpet-bombing the local press again with your latest work, a dismal why-oh-why whinge, a pathetic attempt at Dickensian fictional imagery that fell someway short of a penny dreadful. I won’t repeat it here, because that would be counterproductive. For those not averse to rooting in their recycling bins, that’ll be the letters page in the Express & Star of 6th December 2010, or the previous week’s Walsall Chronicle, the editor of which had the sense to edit out the more florid bits of a remarkably turgid missive.

All I’d like to say is this: If you hate Walsall so much, then fuck off back to Lichfield. Even if all you did there was moan about the place. It may surprise you that I don’t actually care what you do, but your lazy, invective laden, self-regarding drivel really does lower the generally very high comedic lunacy standards of local paper letters pages.

Isn’t it time you got back to writing fawning, tedious celebrity claptrap, anyway?

Thanks, that’s all.

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12 Responses to A short message for Ian Payne

  1. stymaster says:

    Isn’t Lichfield still a bit close?

  2. how about outer Mongolia??

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  4. Ian Shires says:

    At long last something we can both agree on. Well said

  5. IAN PAYNE says:

    My wife and I feel hurt and upset over the content of the above material , especially at this time of Christmas.

    We feel it is totally inappropriate and we don’t even know who you are.

    We would like you to remove the unpleasent comments ASAP – as is our right.

    • I wondered when you’d pop up, I see you’ve been searching on your own name for a couple of days now.

      As a member of Walsall’s hideous and indolent working class – you know, the ones you slag off at every opportunity – I find much of your comment lazy, prejudicial, unpleasant and downright offensive, but I would never, ever deny you the right to make it. In this country we still enjoy the semblance of free speech, which I am exercising, as is my right.

      It’s very sad that a man so clearly given to holding forth all over the local media should be so thin skinned when it comes to replies to his own invective. You bullied Political Penguin into removing a post critical of you, but I’m very much afraid that those who express such robust and forthright opinion as yourself should be prepared to endure similar treatment to that which you mete out.

      Do please stop dragging your wife into this, too – you did that last time and it’s pitiable. She has my sympathy as it is.

      It really isn’t fun when the boot is on the other foot, is it?


    • stymaster says:

      Ian, I think you’ll find this is called free speech. You’re very keen on it usually, until you disagree with it, then preferring to issue takedown notices. I knew nothing of you, until you decided to bully Political Penguin. Now I have an opinion on you. Care to guess what it is?

      You have no right to demand that comments are removed. They express an opinion and point of view. Just because you disagree with that, you want them removed?

      If you can’t take the heat…

  6. Bob, I am deeply offended that you are continuing to publish thoughts, opinions and historical facts that I do not agree with.

    I have instructed my wife, children, Aunty Betty and the bloke who cuts up my food to agree with me.

    Unless you remove this outrageous, work-shy, alcohol fuelled, do-gooder propaganda, I will have no choice but to write a strongly worded letter to the Lichfield Leather Monthly and Gerbil Breeders Gazette.

    Your decision not to re-tweet my latest post has particularly upset the lady wife especially at this time of Christmas. It is opinionated, bigoted bullies like you that have ruined our once proud town. You and your oh-so-clever internet friends had better be careful.

    Never cross an angry hippo.

    “Yes dear, I know it`s time for my medication.”

  7. Steve, y'know, from the Dimbles says:

    Oi, Ian Payne. You were gobbing off about my neighbourhood some time ago. I don’t like what you said. I demand you retract. As is my right.

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  9. mike says:

    Lucky Lichfield, they got rid

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