Brownhills market reopens today!

Just a headsup – reborn twice, Brownhills favourite tat bazaar begins again today, Tuesday 4th November 2010, and will reconvene every Thursday and Saturday thereafter. We’re assured that stalls are all booked and a good time will be had by all. The market in this incarnation is being managed and run by LSD Promotions, organisers of the popular Bescot Sunday Market, so at least we’ve got proffesssionals this time rather than the disastrous attempt by the council previously.

I’d like to take this opportunity to send my best wishes to all involved, promoters, traders and Brownhills shoppers. We really need to get something together. I can’t be there today, but I’ll certainly pop up there on Saturday for a good mooch.

Have fun, and if anyone has any reports or views, please do comment here.

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8 Responses to Brownhills market reopens today!

  1. martin says:

    Having just been a walk around Brownhills Market, my first impression, is very good, the best i have seen for some years, just hope it will continue, good luck

  2. howmuch says:

    Hello Bob, I have been to Brownhills market today (thursday), and it was packed with traders and shoppers
    all sorts for sale from beds cloths shoes meat alsorts.
    just like the old days.
    cheers to all Howmuch

  3. JeepBoy says:

    Looks like a decent turnout from the traders – lets hope the public follow suit

  4. JeepBoy says:

    Saturday – Full complement of traders – and cars actually queuing to get IN to Brownhills – very promising 1st Saturday – keep it up everybody!

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  6. Well it’s about time they brought it back I’ve only just found out lol I shall be paying a visit soon once again it’s really good to have it back

    • Dianne,

      Sorry, but Brownhills Market is long gone. This article is from 2010. The attempt at a relaunch failed.

      The site of the market was sold to developers a couple of years ago, and construction of new homes starts there in coming weeks.


  7. Dianne Nisbett says:

    It’s really good to have the Brownhills market back looking forward to visiting

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