The Hussey Arms: anyone know what’s going on?

I noticed yesterday in a comment from top local chap br007kbond on Twitter that scaffolding has apparently been erected round the ill-fated Hussey Arms pub in Brownhills. Mysteriously closed in the summer, the pub has been boarded up and subject to vandalism for some time. Last week I noticed a sign advertising it as available for tenure, but otherwise there seemed to be no change.

Thanks to br007kbond for the tipoff. Anyone got any information? Comment here or BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com … cheers.

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5 Responses to The Hussey Arms: anyone know what’s going on?

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  2. I’ve heard its being taken over by a pub company called Hungry Horse. I’ll definitely be applying for a job as soon as it opens up

  3. CAZ says:

    Ross is correct about the ‘Hungry Horse’.
    It will be run by the people who now run The Crown opposite the Rising Sun
    I think it will be open by the 24th August.

  4. CAZ says:

    My appologies for previous post…it is the ‘Chef’ from The Crown, who’s moved to The Hussey Arms, and apparently it’s going to be really nice, kids play area, sky tv, etc
    Good luck to them

  5. john says:

    The pub manager is now Garry Leek, who used to be manager at Newhall Farm in Cannock. The managers from The Crown will also be working there.

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