Call off the search!

Thanks to everyone who responded to my call for assistance in finding Robert Webster, creator and curator of the now-offline Webster’s Genealogy and Local History site. Thanks to diligent work by both @ziksby and @JoshWilliams94 (who both turned up the same address at the same time) I’ve now found the right chap and hopefully, some of the wonderful content that Robert created can live again.

Thanks for all the help. You readers never cease to amaze and delight me.

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  1. 7rin says:

    Excellent news!

    I did have all the pages I could find saved on my HD many moons ago – unfortunately, it was also many reformats ago, and whilst I’d =probably= be able to find the disk it all got saved to at some stage, it’d probably take three years of going through old disks before I tripped over it. *sigh*

    Excellent work as ever, dear. 😀

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