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Sunday last, I chanced upon the Chasewater Vintage & Classic Transport Show. I say ‘chanced upon’, as I had no idea it was taking place, and like many other visitors to the country park that day, the event’s occurrence was a wonderful, serendipitous discovery. For just one day, the south shore of the rapidly disappearing reservoir was host to a free display of the most fascinating classic vehicles one could imagine – from the usual vintage cars, to more recent forgotten runabouts, steam engines, lorries, military trucks, motorbikes and even a few tractors and stationary engines. All in aid of the Midlands Air Ambulance charity. What’s not to love?

It was nice to see Chasewater packed with visitors, enjoying a well managed, engaging family event. I found the show in exactly the same manner the year before, and I must confess that the only thing lacking about this great local rally was the publicity. Few people I spoke to had any previous notion of its existence – while there had been some plugging in the Staffordshire press, there was nothing I could find in the papers and freesheets delivered around Brownhills. i didn’t spot a single local poster in the run-up, either. This was such a fantastic show that more people should be aware of it; I do hope the organisers let their southern neighbours in on the secret next year. I’d happily post details here if desired.

Congratulations to all concerned on a great afternoon – but please do advertise your event a bit more next year. I’d hate to miss it.

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  • I’ve never been there and not bumped into “American Dave” who isn’t American but he went there once and really liked it. If you ever saw the crazy cars that used to be parked by Whitehorse Rd lights, monster trucks, Ford Cortina pickups with swimming pools in the back, that kind of thing they were Daves. I never went this year but I’d bet Dave did if he still lives in the area. He used to be in Wessex House so he could be anywhere now.

  • I’m only round the corner from there, and only ever know there’s anything happening there if I see it as I’m driving over the bridge past it.

    I’d *love* for there to be more local advertising about stuff like this.

  • I managed to forget about this, sadly. We went out for a walk but went the other wat down the canal and missed it. It got a brief mention in the E+S last week, but I didn’t see any other publicity.

  • Hi there

    I am the lady responsible for the show at Chasewater and I must thank you for your kind comments about my show. The show is on again this year on Sunday 17th April from 11am till 5 and will once again be host to hundreds of vehicles, traders etc. Could you please give me an idea of where you would like to see the show being advertised? It is on lots of websites, it is also in Old Glory, Classic car weekly events supplement. It has also been in the Chase Post newspaper and the Chronicle and the Express and Star. Lots of people are telling me that it isn’t advertised well enough but Im really not sure where else to try. Any ideas would be very much appreciated.

    Kind Regards
    Helen Tindill.

  • The freesheets in Walsall are a good bet, as as are posters in local pubs & shops. I notice there are some up around chasewater this year, which is an improvement. I’ll give it a plug this weekend, and look forward to attending.



  • I have now added the event to ‘the best of Walsall’ website and have also contacted Walsall Observer and Burntwood Post. Any other ideas? Pretty please.


    • I’ll chuck it out to the readers. I’ll blog you this weekend and that’ll get you on the YamYam. Have you contacted the guys at The Lichfield Blog?
      Have you a facebook group? Why not set one up?

      Best wishes


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