The shallow end of the gene pool

Further to my previous post about people stupidly walking onto the exposed mud at Chasewater, some pictures have been published on the Chasewater Wildlife Group’s daily diary of the incident with the horses. Since the group’s site was unfortunately down for a few days last week, Graham Evans has kindly given me permission to publish the pictures here. For those who think it’s all good fun and that we’re all being killjoys, take a look at these images. The person responsible for the plight of that horse really should be ashamed of themselves.

Graham had this to say:

‘Just how they got so deep in the silt I’m not sure… by the time I’d driven round to the Chasewater Heaths Station and walked to the end of Fly Bay the larger horse had scrambled out of the silt leaving just the smaller pony, as shown by the photos. By this time the Police hellicopter was overhead and a group of people had gathered on the shore where there was also the other child and pony. As I walked back to the car I met a chap who asked me if I’d seen 2 horses because there were 2 fire engines by the station and they didn’t know where to go to help!

The following day I photographed two adult dog walkers crossing the same area (photo attached) and the man had mud up to his waist!’

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The mud may look harmless, but it has the potential to be deadly. Will it actually take a serious injury or worse for some people to get this into their heads? This very evening I’ve received a comment from Pablo Oplywiss, which recounts the following:

‘Went over today to walk dinner off with the family & feed the ducks – it was very busy as the Transport Show (which we weren’t aware of…) was packing up. Walked up from the main entrance to the station, & back along the original waters edge to the duck feeding bridge, to bump into an elderly couple, husband in wheelchair.

There was a shape right in the middle of the clearing, up to his waist in the silt. Just as we started spouting how much of an idiot he was, 2 St. John’s guys ran out & started same, only louder. Said idiot waded out. On telling the couple about the horses, bombs, grenades, etc, they responded: ‘Oh it’s OK – he’s our son. He’s a teacher, so he knows what he’s doing’.

Our children’s futures are safe in his hands.’

Bloody muppets.

Horse nearly submerged in sludge - Image supplied by Chasewater Wildlife Group

Horse struggles to escape mud - Image supplied by Chasewater Wildlife Group

Bedraggled, the poor beast manages to escape - Image supplied by Chasewater Wildlife Group

Not sure what these pair are up to, but there's clearly been a close encounter of the silty kind - Image supplied by Chasewater Wildlife Group

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14 Responses to The shallow end of the gene pool

  1. Mrs. GW says:

    just to inform the person who called the horse owners muppets and irisponsible that the horse owner was my daughter and the reason the horses were in the mud was because of an idiot with a vicious dog that attacked my grandaughters pony and made them all bolt.They were not actually near the mud at the time but by the rugby club.My daughter and grandaughter were hurt and so was my grandaughter friend. I do wish people would get there stories straight before posting lies on the web.By the way a full police investication is ongoing.The chasewater wildlife people who gave permission for the photos should also get the story straight.And by the way my son risked his own life to rescue the horse and if I find out who wrote this rubbish I would be inclined to sue for defermation of character.Yours sincerly Mrs. GW

  2. Hello Mrs. W.

    If you’d like to email the full details of this incident to me at Brownhillsbob at googlemail dot com I’d only be too happy to put your story out there. If this is the case it really wouldn’t be the first time that careless dog owners had caused major problems at Chasewater, and both myself and Chasewater Wildlife Group would only be too happy to report such.

    I would point out that the article refers to the chap wading into the mud as a muppet, and that the irresponsible term was addressed to ‘whoever was responsible for the plight of that horse’.

    It was precisely because Graham stated that he didn’t know how the horses came to be in the mud that the tone was carefully measured. I’d advise you to re-read the article carefully, I think you find it doesn’t say what you suggest.

    Further, I’d point out that nobody in the incident was named until you commented and identified yourself.

    When it comes down to it, the pictures clearly show a horse in great distress and no small danger, clearly illustrating that the mud at Chasewater is dangerous. My message stands – venturing out onto it is foolhardy in the extreme. I’m sure you’ll agree with that, and that it’s desperately important to get the message across.

    Best wishes


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  4. mark s says:

    bob i think your title of “clueless idiots ” should at least make you realise that you got things wrong”

  5. mark s says:

    ive been close the water today and i know where i can and cant walk as i have a pair of eyes in my head and a brain obviosly unlike you………..

  6. Mark

    Er, no, I didn’t get it wrong. Anyone who recklessly endangers either their own life, or that of others, is a clueless idiot. Any regular visitor to Chasewater at the moment has witnessed careless people sinking into the mud, sometimes with quite frightening consequences.

    It’s not sight that’s the problem, more often, it’s judgement.

    Best wishes


  7. mark s says:

    you put “muppets” i say kids in trouble cause of a dog 1 kid broke her foot gettig thrown and u thought they were just riding on there u got it wrong


  8. mark s says:

    you didnt know the full facts before your post and you have even been contacted by the girls mom putting you straight but you are still defending your comments …you seem to be very very wrong from what i read

    best wishes
    mark……. you muppet

  9. Mark

    If you read the series of articles about this – indeed, were you to read this one properly, you’ll realise that the horses weren’t the only people in the mud referenced, not least the two mud-stained chancers in the last photo and the guy wading in off the balcony shore.

    Further, it wasn’t a child with the broken foot but the adult accompanying them, as recounted by Abie, the horse owner on the ‘Chasewater Wildlife Group’ chat page.


  10. mark s says:

    “anyone who wreclessly endangers thier own life is an idiot” my brother is a firefighter who HAS to endanger his own life is he an idiot ?

  11. I shouldn’t think he endangers his life recklessly, and that’s why he’d also instruct you to stay out of the mud.

    This matter is now closed.


  12. eds says:

    there are actually notices saying that horses and motorbikes arent allowed over chasewater so it is the owners fault for being irresponsible and breaking the rules

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