Clueless idiots

I see the daily diary over at the wonderful Chasewater Wildlife Group site records for Tuesday (6th April 2010) that…

“…A man was seen to be tempting fate by walking in the north shore silt and had a panic when he sank to his knees.”

Further, the next day (7th April 2010), the log states  that…

“Amazingly, the deep layers of silt are still attracting the attentions of the foolhardy with tonight’s episode involving 2 young horse riders and their adult leader. I first noticed the incident when 2 of the horses were up to their necks in the Fly Bay silt. The emergency services had already been notified but obviously imprecise directions resulted in three police cars and 2 fire appliances arriving at the rather distant Chasewater Heaths Station rather than the Sailing Club, whilst the Police Helicopter hovered overhead. By this time the horses had been coaxed out of their dangerous predicament and hopefully lessons have been learnt. The valve has now been re-opened and there will be ever increasing dangers in the deep layers of silt as the water levels fall.”

I sometimes wonder how, with such clearly limited common sense, it is that these people are able to get dressed in the morning. It really does beggar belief.

I myself have seen people who really should know better rooting around the mud, particularly around the pier and north shore. I can understand the fascination, but please have some thought for your safety and that of the people of the emergency services who may have to come and bail you out.

For the latest info about Chasewater and the Dam work, check out the official Chasewater Dam Blog, maintained wonderfully by Lichfield Council staffer Lizzie Thatcher (often in the face of some regrettable unpleasantness), and always keep an eye on The Chasewater Wildlife Group’s site, it really is a treasury.

The mud, whilst fascinating, can easily be deadly. Keep well away.

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10 Responses to Clueless idiots

  1. 7rin says:

    What… clueless idiots around Brownhills?!

    Colour me stunned. :p

  2. stymaster says:

    I sometimes wonder how, with such clearly limited common sense, it is that these people are able to get dressed in the morning.

    It really does seem people get thicker by the day. A few years ago, the terminally stupid might have managed to get themselves finished off in an industrial accident. Now the workplace is safer they have to find accidents elsewhere.

  3. splot says:

    I’m probably going to state the obvious here, but I presume there are warning signs and fencing around the newly drained areas just to help the unfortunate majority who cannot use “common” sense that the drained areas of the lake may be dangerous.

  4. Freddy says:

    Someone takes horses onto some mud, an overly sensitive type phones the emergency services who go to the wrong place, the people with the horses exit the mud. Who are the idiots here?

    I’ll tell you how they get dressed in the morning Bob, the same as everyone else. The panicky types, phones in hand probably need instructions though.

    Life’s a big adventure and sooner or later you’re going to end up dead. Don’t spend the time you do have being scared of the mud, you might drown in it, you might not but I tell you what, that moment when you sink to your knees and get a bit “panicky” you’re more alive than the busy body with the mobile standing on the side lines will ever be.

    Lighten up

    • Hey, Freddy, if getting stuck in mud and panicking makes you feel alive, then the nightlife situation in Lichfield must be far worse than I ever contemplated.

      I’m sorry, but I can’t actually see what’s so gripping and life affirming about getting two youngsters into difficulty in deep mud whilst on a pair of panicking horses. It may be the stuff of Boy’s Own but if they were your kids you’d be a bit less casual about what is, and continues to be, a particularly foolhardy act.

      Best wishes


  5. kay says:

    I also wonder what makes people do such silly things … i rescued a jack Russell from the silt last weekend .. as its brain dead owner couldn’t see the problem …

    As a regular photographer in the chasewater area i see lots of things that delight me & astound me & some that defy logic

  6. Pablo Oplywiss says:

    Went over today to walk dinner off with the family & feed the ducks – it was very busy as the Transport Show (which we weren’t aware of…) was packing up.

    Walked up from the main entrance to the station, & back along the original waters edge to the duck feeding bridge, to bump into an elderly couple, husband in wheelchair.

    There was a shape right in the middle of the clearing, up to his waist in the silt. Just as we started spouting how much of an idiot he was, 2 St. John’s guys ran out & started same, only louder. Said idiot waded out.

    On telling the couple about the horses, bombs, grenades, etc, they responded: ‘Oh it’s OK – he’s our son. He’s a teacher, so he knows what he’s doing’.

    Our children’s futures are safe in his hands.

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  8. gloria wigley says:

    Just to ask you to get your facts right first.The reason the horses were in the mud is because some idiot with a vicious dog let it loose and it attacked my grandaughters pony.This made all 3 horses bolt and although they were by the Rugby Club they all ended up in the mud.All three rider were thrown and injured my daughter ended up with a broken foot and the children with slight back injuries. My son also risked his own life to coax the horse out against the advise of people present.I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank everyone who helped especially the lady who helped my daughter back home with the horses.I Hope this puts the story straight.Gloria

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