Deerly beloved

A week ago, Brownhills Blog contributor, fellow Panoramio fan and top local history operative [Howmuch] went for a ride round Chasewater on a quiet Monday, armed as ever with his camera. As seems to be customary in spring, the local deer population seem to have split into male and female groups, and a small group of hinds have been congregating around the top of the dam for some weeks. Grazing, loafing and getting ready to give birth, they’ll soon be looking for scrub cover to bed down in. Our intrepid correspondent chanced upon this group of cervine friends, and has kindly given permission for me to share these remarkable pictures here. Red deer are a regular sight in the area these days, and are often seen on the commons around Brownhills, and there are recent reports of them being spotted as far away as Pelsall and Sandhills. To people of a certain age like myself who can remember Brownhills without its’ current plethora of wildlife, the presence of these graceful, gentle animals is remarkable. The ever-informative Chasewater Wildlife Group have a page dedicated to the story of the deer in the area, and it’s well worth a read.

Clciking on any of the images will take you to its’ Panoramio page, whereupon it can be viewed full size by clicking on it. These striking images are well worth studying. Thanks again to [Howmuch] for his continued contribution to the blog.

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