Chasewater Dam information now available

It seems Lichfield District Council and other interested parties have finally got their act together to fill the information vacuum that’s been developing around the works on the dam at Chasewater. The increasingly hysterical tone in some quarters seems to have been causing some alarm in recent weeks, for the straight deal on the planed works visit these links:

Chasewater Dam Blog from Lichfield Council – an interesting and novel approach to what is proving to be a somwhat controversial issue.

A glossy press release detailing some of the work to be done.

Of course, if I have any further information, I’ll let you know.

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2 Responses to Chasewater Dam information now available

  1. L Mallin says:

    The question I would like to ask all of the councillors who are involved in repairs to the dam at Chasewater is if crucial repairs are required and need to be carried out surely thats the end of discussion get the works carried out and quickly. However, we all know the political red tape that stands in the way of common sense and cutbacks and finances become a major issue so as to avoid works taking place what will happen to neighbouring homes and will they be at serious risk of major flooding if the dam does erode and give way?

    I’m sure they would not like to have on their consciences the fact that hundreds of people have been made homeless and lost everything they have ever known and worked hard for…. (myself included). All homeowners are tax payers and council tax payers too albeit it to Walsall council and not Lichfield. Postcode lottery in that regard. Maybe Walsall Council could be brought in to discussions to finance the repair works also.

    Please stop discussing money and just get on with the repairs. Can we wait until the end of the year before any planned work commences…? Should works be carried out well before the end of the year?

    • Hi L Malilin

      I’m a bit puzzled by your comment here, to be quite honest. It seems clear that you haven’t actually read the Chasewater Dam Blog, or indeed any of the press releases on this matter.

      The fact is that the work has already commenced – Chasewater is currently at its lowest water level for decades, the Dam has been cleared of scrub and trees, and the drawdown of water for work to start in April has now commenced. For a large part of last summer, surveying and exploratory drilling was undertaken.

      The dam clearly needs work to ensure its’ longevity – after all, it’s over 200 years old. It does not, however, pose any immediate risk. Lichfield Council, to be absolutely fair, have not questioned the need for work, and have stated that it would be done – just that they would seek assistance with the financing of it. I can undestand that; after all, the reservoir provides a service o the canal system and it seems ridiculous that British Waterways aren’t stumping up for it too.

      Quite why any of this should involve Walsall is beyond me – they can’t successfully keep leisure centres and schools funded, so getting them involved would seem akin to inviting King Herod to manage the maternity unit at your local hospital.

      The last time the dam burst – in 1799, just after initial construction, the deluge followed the Crane Brook valley and the water swelled toward Shenstone, not Walsall, so I think you’re probably quite safe.

      Do read the information in the link in the article. The work will become obvious soon.

      Best wishes


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