Are you Shaw?


A 1963 Shelfield School photo: SandraShaw (Later Gwilliam) third from left, back row. Image kindly supplied by Brian Edwards.

Here’s a very quick enquiry for readers about a local family now spread far and wide, but involving one of the blog regulars.

Brian Edwards (I’m wondering if he is a relative of the sadly departed Michael Edwards of Clayhanger, who also moved to Canada) is trying to find information or trace members of the Shaw family who lived locally.

I have, of course, passed this post and Brian’s email address on to Bill, but if readers can help too, that would be wonderful.

Brian Edwards wrote:

Hello Bob

My family history goes back a long way within the Brownhills area and part of this history were neighbours of ours in Shelfield.

My parents in 1953 acquired the house that Ron Salt had lived in for but one year. Ron had moved from Clayhanger to Shelfield but didn’t like it so he wished to return. The Salts and the Ansells were neighbours in Church street and my Pop George Edwards and Ron were best of friends. Along with this friendship was also a fellow by the name of Ken Shaw whom along with his wife Nancy moved to a house around the corner from us in Hawthorn Road Shelfield.

As children and youths both our family and Ken and Nancy’s children grew up together being more like one big family of brothers and sisters. I know that I am being a little long winded here but I wish for you to understand our connection. Ken and Nancy moved to Australia after their daughter Anne and her husband Tommy Arrowsmith emigrated themselves. Tommy was actually signed up as a soccer player in Australia. later followed the other daughter Sandra and her husband Michael Gwilliam and then their son John and his wife Helga moved out to Australia also.

I am trying to find Anne, Sandra and John as I believe that both Ken and Nancy may have passed away by now and wish for you to possibly assist me. I did write to a Carol Smith from your website and she suggested that I contact you.

I know that Ken had a brother named Bill; can you please help me contact Bill Shaw. I have a school photograph from Coalheath lane in Shelfield that was taken in 1963 and Sandra is standing in the back row third from the left. I also know most of the other childrens names. I have attached this picture for you. Maybe you could send the picture on to Bill for his perusal.

I thank you for your time.

Brian Edwards

If you can help, please do comment here of mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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10 Responses to Are you Shaw?

  1. Ade Reid says:

    One of my mates after leaving school was Andy Shaw of Ogley Hay Road.Im 53 this year guess he would be 50ish now.Had a sister called Sally..Dont know if its the same Shaw family..?

  2. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    I think he’s looking for our very own Bill Shaw

  3. Dave (Eddy) Edwards says:

    Although I can’t find the link there maybe one between our Edwards line and the one in in question.
    My grandfather (Jesse Edwards) late of Walsall Wood and also my father William (Bill) Edwards often spoke of visiting a relative in Clayhanger when I was a young lad in the 1950s

    • Brian Ansell says:

      Its Brian here again. There may be a connection between us. My Grandmother on my fathers side was Annie Cooke of the family that ran the Middle Oak, Annies sister was my Great Aunty Betsy Kingstone of Friezland Lane who latter went on to live just off Catshill road next door to Mr’s Tolley, ( a grand old lady we used to visit most weekends after visiting our Aunty). As for my father there was of course himself, George William, his brother John who lived on Catshill road, (married to Marjorie Craddock from Kings road Rushall) and their sister Ada who lived on Walsall Wood road who married Harold Mosedale. Ada passed away the year before last but her son Roger Mosedale who has written eloquently and informatively upon this site now lives in Aldridge at the seniors residence beside the church that is run by Angela Jewkes. Roger could help you with this connection better than I because I know nothing of my Grandfather on my fathers side or his siblings. But as you say there maybe a connection. If you wish to know more please contact me and by the way Roger has photographs which I also need to contact him about. Roger is a fine fellow so I don’t think he will be in anyway perturbed with your enquiry.

  4. rob says:

    Yes that’s right Ken was is Bill Shaws brother

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