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The Junction of The Parade and Chester Road in Brownhills. I’ve never, ever seen this image before. Early 1960s, I suspect; note the lack of the Fullelove shelter. There’s the Hussey Arms in the distance; on the left the row of houses demolished for the Police Station. Just out of shot on the left would be the Fire Station. Image from a postcard for sale on eBay by GuyArab.

Thanks to reader Dean Rogers who contacted me yesterday, I can share with readers the above image of a genuine Brownhills postcard, depicting the junction of The Parade and Chester Road  – I’d guess in the early 1960s.

The photograph is taken from the bus stop pull-in road and shows a junction arrangement that’s barely altered; missing are the mature trees on the grass and the octagonal Fullelove Memorial Shelter which may help with a date. In the distance, the Hussey Arms seems unchanged, and to the left, the houses of the Hussey Estate, and in the foreground, the row of terraces where the Police Station and Garage stand today. Out of shot on the left would be the Fire Station, on the right, Holland Park.

The original card is up for auction sold by user GuyArab, currently on sale on eBay with the starting price of £9 here.

Thanks to Dean for a great tipoff – if you have any observations to make, please do. You can comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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11 Responses to On Parade

  1. tkevcro says:

    What…………no traffic 🙂

  2. Andy Dennis says:

    This is interesting! I don’t recall seeing a picture of Woodbine Terrace (the old row on the left). Also, I don’t remember seeing it in real life, so it must be very early 1960s. Some of my ancestors lived there from the 1890s to the 1930s.

  3. tkevcro says:

    Ah,looks like I missed the lorry behind the sign.

  4. Martin says:

    A wonderful photo I can remember it being like that, it must have been very early sixties because the bus shelter on the corner of the Parade is missing and that was there before I left School in 1964. nice to see these little gems appearing from time to time.

  5. Dean Rogers says:

    We are talking pre 1956. The card was posted to the Preston area in 1956.

  6. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    the wooden hut past Woodbine terrace caught my fish-like eye. I wonder if it was originally the “temporary”Memorial Hall or Scout Hut,or the changing rooms for Brownhills Albion?. ..and a big thanks to Dean
    kind regards

  7. Martin Littler says:

    Woodbine Terrance was where Joe’s Cafe started you could only get sandwiches then that’s before they move it to pelsall Road

  8. Ade Reid says:

    Halcyon days !!!

  9. aerreg says:

    re chester road north david the wooden hut is simpsons garage the scout hut was to the left of the picture where the fencing is shown was the fire station later the police station yes the end shop shown was peabodys shop later to become the famous cafe the harrison family lived next to the shop they were my late wifes family farther down were coucil semi detatched known as the firemens houses the reason being full time and retain fire men lived in them to name a few bloomer simpson nichols willocks tabberer trawford and later my self the times i ran up to the station when the bells whent dowm the corner house was the home of mr mrsmrs birch happy days happy memouries thank you god bless

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