Mystery tour?


Image kindly supplied by Pat Wilcox.

The above wonderful outing photograph – thought to be from the mid 1920s has been sent in by reader Pat Wilcox – and I think will be of great interest to John and Paul Anslow, Anne Cross and other followers of that thread.

Pat wrote:

Hi Bob

I was born in Brownhills in 1952 and have developed an interest in my fathers family who were Brownhills people.

I have recently found you blog site and read with interest the comments.

I have been in touch with Ann Cross from the Royal Exchange recently and it jogged my memory of a photo I have, and I thought you may like to publish it on your blog.

The man on the front far right as you look at the picture I believe to be my Grandfather Thomas Anslow and my Grandmother (4th from the left) with a young child on her lap is Annie Anslow (nee Cresswell).

I think the young child is probably my father Dennis and therefore the photo would be taken around 1924 or 1925.

I wonder if anyone can shed any light on the outing and its location

I hope you do not mind me sending this to you.

Regards Pat Wilcox

Thanks to Pat for a wonderful photo and yet another piece of the jigsaw. Can you help identify the picture or location? Please comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

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3 Responses to Mystery tour?

  1. Pedro says:

    A Charabanc made by Crossley? The wheel spokes are unusual.

    • Pedro says:

      September 1920 Tamworth Herald…

      As a result of Charabanc rowdyism, hotel-keepers are refusing to serve all such parties

  2. John Anslow says:

    What a wonderful picture! A genuine charabanc. My grandparents used to refer to coach trips as “Gooin’ on the chara” well into the 1960s. Is that his granddad’s flat hat the little lad is wearing?

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