Recent antisocial behaviour in Church Road, Brownhills


Kids hanging around in Church Road clearly isn’t a new thing, but back then, the coppers were never far away. Image from ‘Memories of Brownhills Past’ by Clarice Mayo and Geoff Harrington.

Here’s a message I’ve had from a resident of Church Road in Brownhills – I don’t suppose I number many of the local yoots amongst the readership, but if by chance one is passing and reads this, stop being prats, OK?

The resident wrote:

Hi Bob,

I’m a resident on Church road and I just wanted to report that during the Easter half term we have been experiencing a little more than usual anti-social behaviour from local youths, It seems that the latest fad is to steal the wireless doorbell from people’s front doors and then hide further up the road and continue to ring it, waking up the household etc. Whilst this was a nuisance to me I am concerned could be a real issue for the elderly?

Just thought I would let you know


Please folks, if you know who these kids are, please have a word with the parents. It’s not big and it’s not clever – and who knows where it’ll end up?

Perhaps if the Brownhills Area Partnership or local rozzers are reading this they may want to take a stroll up there.

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  1. Sue Bayley says:

    Hi just read your article about Church Road I live on Lichfield Road and have also had my doorbell taken too

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