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An interesting clipping comes to me in passing via Facebook, and I’d really like to know more about it – it’s certainly something of a local legend, and I’d like to investigate it as respectfully as possible.

Ivan Pitt posted the following clipping about his Uncle, Lori Thomas on Facebook, and kindly agreed to let me share it with readers, for which I’m hugely grateful.

Lori Thomas is spoken of very often in hushed tones locally, and I believe he worked either with, or at a Walsall Wood company for some time on his claimed revolutionary water powered (or assisted) engine.

At the outset, I’ll point out I’m sceptical; Lori’s idea appeared to function on the basis of using current from an alternator to perform electrolysis on water, the hydrogen evolved from which was used to bolster the fuel intake. This went through a phase of viral popularity around 2008, and is often termed HHO; there are significant scientific dismantlings all over the net, including this brilliant one from Popular Mechanics in 2009.

Essentially, whilst there is energy in water, it’s very stable, and usually takes the same, or more energy to free it, unlike hydrocarbons which store energy in huge density and are unstable, thus combusting (and freeing the energy) readily.

Wikipedia also has a nice summary on the legends of water-powered cars.

However, I’m sure Lori was genuine and a very clever man who thoroughly believed in what he was doing, and I’d love to know more about it – so what do you know? Please comment here, or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.


The tragic 1990 death of a man who clearly worked hard on his vision. Clipping from the Chase Post in, I think, 1991. Image kindly supplied by Ivan Pitt.

Tony Larner pays tribute to local genius on brink of world fame

The Cannock inventor who rocked the world with a revolutionary, pollutant free car engine has died.

Mr. Iori Thomas, 70, suffered a heart attack at his home, followed by two more massive attacks at Walsall Manor Hospital. He died on Tuesday morning. He leaves a wife, Nancy, daughters, Valerie and Lynda, and son Roger.

The death comes as a tragic blow. Iori battled for over 20 years to realise his dream of a car engine that ran, to a large extent, on water. He had intended to fly to America in two weeks to speak to a host of interested companies.

The son of a Welsh miner, Iori had deep convictions in his invention – despite all sceintific doubt. After years of hard work he produced a car engine which harnessed the power of water, instead of petrol, cutting pollutants to a minimum.

Following a Chase Post front page on the inventor’s work, Iori was featured in the national press and on TV. His engine was seen as a massie breakthrough in the battle to beat acid rain.

Mr. Thomas had told the Chase Post: ‘When the world realises what I have done it will open-up like a mushroom. I am now in the position to get a loan for £10m which will be used to build a local factory for the production of these engines. I love the Cannock area and I want to put something back into it.’

His eldest daughter, Lynda Cooper, now owns the rights to the invention. She told the Post: ‘It has come as a tremendous blow and the family are still in shock. My father has always been very healthy. It is a tragedy that he did not get the recognition he deserved when he was alive, but I believe one day he will. He was a truly brilliant man.’

And she added: ‘As for his plans for the engine I would hope that we can continue them as he would have wanted. If not then we will have to start looking for some car company to come in for them.’

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7 Responses to Get your motor running

  1. pat says:

    A.J.Hoare helped Mr Thomas and encouraged him with his invention,A.J.Hoare had a business on Lichfield road Walsall Wood by the Exchange .

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    not heard of this venture, but AJ Hoare was an erection engineer whose building later became a snooker hall. A very intriguing topic
    kind regards

  3. Mike Stackhouse says:

    I am sure that in the last 5 years that I read an article about Aston/Birmingham University working on an engine which ran on water. Thinking about it it may have been 10 years or more as I was still at work and I retired in 2005.

  4. Clive says:

    Talking of Irony; A J Hoare had mobile cranes called Iron Fairys, i kid you not!

  5. Alan Dawson says:

    It would never have got anywhere the fuel giants would have put a stop to that, the same as everlasting paint ,paid to keep there mouths shut.

  6. Greg Palmer says:

    AJ (Bert) Hoare was my Grandfather and I can confirm that he did indeed offer support to Iori, who I knew as Taffy. There is an article in New Scientist magazine, dated 21 June 1979 about the invention. I also have some nice black and white photos of Taffy, my Grandad and a young Trevor MacDonald from when he came to report on the invention. I’d be happy to share them if there is interest.

    Likewise, if anyone has any other clippings or info about AJ, i’d love to see/hear them.

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