Bogus gardeners conning the elderly in Brownhills – be vigilant

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OAPs were conned in Shire Oak, but be vigilant all over the area. Imagery from Bing! Maps.

I was contacted yesterday by a local lady who is very concerned and upset that her mother was conned by bogus ‘gardeners’ who claimed to have done work on her communal garden, and then charged an extortionate fee.

The reader, who wises to remain anonymous, told me:

Hello Bob

Today I visited my mum, who lives in a Senior Citizen’s bungalow and she told me someone had done her garden. She has a communal garden and two men had tidied up her borders and had tidied the edges of the grass around borders and path.

I ask her how much they had charged and she said £80. I was gobsmacked. Funnily enough three other men appeared in the garden, so I went out and asked what they were doing… They were from a company working for Walsall Housing Group legitimately, had ID and were there to complete the work that my mum had paid these other men to do.

They mentioned the men in a white van and I informed them that they had charged my mum £80 for the work. They told their manager who came and spoke to a neighbour of my mum who had been charged £125 for similar work.

It appears these two guys in a white transit are preying on vulnerable OAPs and charging them a fortune for very little work.

I just wanted to warn others to look out for them. I don’t want to name my mum or give her address because I think she feels somewhat embarrassed and a little stupid for being taken advantage of.

I have tried to report to community police but they are not answering the phone.

The incident took place in the Shire Oak area.

Angry reader

Please tell your relatives and neighbours about these ratbags, and impress upon them how important it is not to buy from, or accept services at the door, no matter how plausible the people offering them. Genuine companies will always contact you by other means.

Explain that no official body will turn up unannounced demanding money for services like gardening, drain cleaning, tree pruning etc., and that if they are at all unsure of any caller, to close the door and contact the police.

Scumbags engaged in the robbing of OAPs are lower than a snake’s knees, and I find it shocking and disturbing that the lady concerned was unable to contact the police. I shall draw this unfortunate situation to their attention.

Please,  if you have any further information relating to these incidents, or if you witnessed something  please contact West Midlands Police by dialling 101 (999 in an emergency, obviously) or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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  1. Edwina says:

    Can’t contact the Community Police? That just about says it all … Doesn’t it?

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