Did you know the late Thomas Williams?


Thomas V Williams, about 1980. Did you know him? Can you help Tracie Miller find out more about her family? Image supplied by Tracy.

Here’s an interesting one that reaches me via Facebook, and is quite sensitive but worthwhile, I think. Reader Tracie Miller contacted me in the week appealing for information about her father and his life, in an effort to gain more information about her family.

The background Tracie has given is sensitive and personal, but also touching. If you have any information, or can help Tracy, please feel free to contact me and I’ll hook you up.  Obviously, this is a delicate matter so my discretion is assured.

If you can help, please mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.

Tracie wrote:

Hi Bob

My Father was Thomas V. Williams. I believe he was adopted by a John Thomas Williams around the early 1940s and lived in the Brownhills area.

I just wanted to perhaps find out more about the family history.

The family was quite large. Around 9 children, maybe 11. One of his adoptive siblings may of been called Eileen and possibly lived Shire Oak Hill area.

My dad passed away just short of 3 years ago (October 2011).

When I was around infant school age I remember we lived in Silver Court gardens, Brownhills. I was a home birth in 1965 in the maisonettes on the Anchor Bridge.

I know he had been a bus driver, a collector for (I think) Provident, and in the late 70s/early 80s he worked at Edward Rose up on the Pelsall Road, Brownhills.

Thomas’s wife (my Mother) was called Rita. She also collected for Provident I think, and maybe worked on the buses whichis possibly how they met. One of my Brothers who is older than me has told me my Father (his Step Father) had an affair when I was little and I have a sibling.

I was hoping finding my Father’s adoptive family could help with information both on that side of the family and hopefully to find my sibling.

Dad also used his birth name of Michael G. Downham at times but mostly he was known as Tom Williams.

Thomas V. Williams was born September 4th 1940 in a home for unmarried Mothers in Manchester, to a lady called Joyce Doreen Downham but on my Parents marriage certificate it states my Fathers Father as John Thomas Williams.

On top of other info I’ve given you we also lived in Second Avenue from around the mid 70s until about 1981/2. The sibling I’ve been told I have will be a few years younger than me. I’m 49.

I’ve found a picture of my Father from around 1980 which would make him 40, although he looks older.

Thanks so much

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  1. mickysix says:

    I know the face but the name don’t do anything. I don’t suppose that Tracie would remember any of the other busmen from the Avenues( like myself) In fact we had quite a few in Brownhills at that time who worked either for Walsall Corporation, Harpers of Heath Hayes and a couple that worked for Midland Red and travelled to (I think) Sutton Garage.

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