Urgent – looking for the Yeomans family or other Brownhills Market traders


Brownhills Market in it’s best-remembered location, Where Tesco stands today: this fabulous early 80s picture from BrownhillsGeorge on Panoramio.

Here’s one I’m hoping I can reach out to the local community and reunite lost friends. Conner Nelson writes to me from Ibstock in Leicestershire to tell me that sadly, his grandmother is very ill, but he and his dad would like to contact friends and family from the days when they had a market stall in Brownhills.

I’ll let Connor explain:


I’m Connor Nelson, the son of Anthony Nelson.

I’m writing to inform he wishes to contact friends and family in regards to his mum, who is currently very ill.

I’m trying to find Catherine Yeomans, Robert Yeomans or any surviving family members. We used to have a stall on Brownhills Market 30+ years ago. Cathy and two of her brothers worked for us,  and Dad would like to get in touch.

Thank you and kind regards

Connor Nelson.

So folks, can you help? Yeomans is a familiar name locally, and it has occurred to me that there must have been a healthy community of market traders in Brownhills for years, but we’ve never actually touched on it.

I have Connor’s details: if you can help, please comment or drop me a mail on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. I will, of course, pass anything on.

Thank you.

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9 Responses to Urgent – looking for the Yeomans family or other Brownhills Market traders

  1. judith says:

    hi there is a family living on the west in brownhills called the yeomans

  2. Lauren Yeomans says:

    Hello, my dad is one of the brothers of Catherine who used to work on the market stall with her, therefore she is my auntie and Robert Yeomans is my uncle

  3. Amy Moores says:

    Hi Catherine is my mum, how can she get in touch!

  4. Hi Folks

    I should have hooked everyone up now with Connor’s number and email
    If any messages haven’t arrived, or you need any more help, just shout up.

    Anything else I can do, please ask


  5. robert yeomans says:

    this is Robert yeomans from clayhanger in brownhills. I understand that you have been trying to find us. Living in cannock now. Contact me via email or Facebook please. Thanks.hope to hear from u soon x Robert yeomans x

    • Hey Robert, Cheers

      I’ve sent you an email – thanks for your help, and to all who’ve shared, offered help and given pointers.


    • Mrs Maureen Hopkin says:

      I am originally from Cannock and my family still living in Hednesford sent me this blog ( they read Brownhills Bob) as I once had connections with a Yeomans family in Clayhanger but they were not market traders, in fact one of them was a butcher, there was mum, dad, 2 sons (Billy and John) and 1 daughter (Mary), but I have no knowledge of them now. and dont think it is the family that’s being sought. Sorry I cant help, hope you all hook up and find the right people, (I do not open e mails, they are a pain but good luck in your search, will follow the results on fb). Maureen Hopkin.

  6. Have found cathy thank you so much for all your help. Well done Bob thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Regards anthony ( Connors dad ).

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