Be vigilant, folks – attempted burglary in Brownhills

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Narrow Lane is a quite, residential street in the middle of Brownhills. Image from Bing! maps.

A worrying anonymous tipoff reaches me from central Brownhills.

In the small hours of Monday 14th January 2013, some miscreant attempted to force the back door of a property in Narrow Lane, Brownhills. The property was occupied, and the intruded ran off when the upstairs lights were switched on.

This occurred at about 2am.

Please ensure you lock up well at night, replace bulbs in any non-functioning security lights, and make it as difficult as possible for ne’er do wells to get to the rear of your property. Make sure ladders are locked away, and garden tools in a place where they can’t be easily found.

This kind of incident is very rare in Brownhills, but the fact that this has occurred is concerning, so please take extra care, and please do report anything suspicious.

This is the second incident that the police have been involved with locally this month that they haven’t reported. That’s a bit disconcerting.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Walsall Police by dialling 101 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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6 Responses to Be vigilant, folks – attempted burglary in Brownhills

  1. Roy Stanway says:

    thank you Bob always i always look forward to seeing your blogs just to let you no it is 46deg in penrith new south wales looking forward to your E-mails in 2013 all the best Roy

  2. Jack Harris says:

    Bob this as happened twice to me this year and i live on Barnett’s Lane, now installed camera’s to try and catch them out.

    • What did they take from you Jack? Wonder what they’re after.

      • Jack Harris says:

        Sorry for the late reply bob, Nothing the most recent time which was early november, but in july when it first happened they stole designer clothes from the washing line and broke fence panels as they got away when the dog started to bark, They just damaged the door lock the most recent time. I’ve set all the cctv up though now and if they do try it again they will be caught on camera and hopefully the police will do something about it.

  3. chris horton says:

    Last night, 20th Jan, we had an attempted break in on ogley road whilst my partner was asleep upstairs, this was at roughly 6.20pm. 3 men (2 hooded, 1 masked) have knocked the door, when there was no answer they’ve jammed a screwdriver into the bottom of my door and tried to force the door open. Fortunately the dog woke my partner up and has gone for the door and scared them away. Can’t believe the audacity of some people, it was still light out!!

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