The boys were back in town

Here’s a quick one for the Walsall Wood contingent: Specifically the fine lads who were members of the local Boys Brigade. They held a reunion back in March, I think at Walsall Wood Football Club. I’ve been supplied this picture from a reader who’d rather stay anonymous for now, but he’s a ways away, and would really like to put names to some of the faces he knows, but due to history’s abrasion, cannot quite name.

Readers may well remember the photo of the Brigade football team from the 1960s: any common faces spanning the years? Fine looking bunch of chaps, it would seem, in both pictures…

Comments here please, or by email if you prefer to BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Image of a happy looking soccer team from Walsall Wood Boys Brigade, some time in the 1960s. Reader David Evans sent this in for a previous post, linked above.

If the kids are re-united: The Brigade faithful reassemble for a group photo in March, 2012. But who’s who? My thanks to the anonymous reader concerned.

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8 Responses to The boys were back in town

  1. Trevor Brown says:

    Far left dont know then Derick craven.Ron hendon.Roy Painter front with jacket, Ray Denning in suit)
    with beard dont know, back side of Dicky Trevor Hendon , Dicky Greenwood Brian Instone , back Tony Portman,
    with glass Jeff Heath ,back Bill Shaw Alan Portman with jacket) back don’t know Ken Bradshaw behind
    David Collins John Heath back ,JohnClayton and side of head Roger Faulkner.

    Hows that for quick service Bob,The credit for this has to go to a local boy Steve Greenwood David Greenwoods Son who took the new photo for me as I live in Aus, and to Alan Portman who supplied the names for me,

    And can I say hello to all my friends in the Wood and Brownhills area that I have been reunited with through this site and to David Evans and Alan Potman who has helped me to find them again after almost fifty years, Thanks to you all Lads.
    Trevor (Hovis) Brown, Bye the way can you still buy the stuff?

  2. David Evans says:

    HI Trevor
    far left is Alf Webster, who was a BB officer.. and yes you can still get Hovis, and Tomato Ketchup, and real chips , and Typhoo tea, HP sauce…!

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  5. Ron Williams says:

    my name is Ron Williams. I was in the1st walsall wood B.B. From 1953 to 1957.the lad in the front row middle of the soccer team is Gordon Lewis.Back row,second from left is John Wright.Middle row on the left is Micky Hall.on the other end of this row a Lad called Terry ?. Micky Hall and myself were drummers in the Band for 4 years. We actualy won the final of the Band Competition at Birmingham Town Hall… memories !!!!!!

  6. Trevor says:

    Hi Ron and all the lads, a few names for you, back left Ken Whitehouse, Billy Wright, me Trevor Brown (hovis), Barry Evans, Ivor Osborne, and Jim Smith, middle row left Tosh, 2nd from left Roger Faulkner, 4th from left Ken Robins, front row far right Dicky Greenwood, hope that helps you mate
    Cheers Trevor Brown, Brisbane Aus

  7. Gill Claarke says:

    Looking at the football photo I recognize a few faces John Wright
    Forth from the back Im sure is Robert Judson.
    Also see Trevor and Colin Brown.

  8. Trevor says:

    Hi Gill yes me Trevor Brown (Hovis) is on the back row the little tich but Colin my brother is 12 years older than me and shorter, I was the reserve goalie, look at the size of the other boys my age,
    But lucky me grew to 5 ft 8 ins later in life,
    Kind regards Trev, aus

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