Pelsall North and West Brownhills, 1902

Ordnance Survey 1884 1:1250 plot of Pelsall north, west Brownhills, Ryders Hayes and the Swag area. This is a scanned paper map, so may be slightly distorted due to paper stretch. A high resolution version is available from the links below.

Following on from the 1884 Brownhills South and Walsall Wood map and the 1884 Brownhills Common and Central map, I continue the series of paper scanned maps with this gem from 1902 – a 1:1,250 plot of Pelsall North and the west side of Brownhills, including Highbridge, Ryders Hayes, and the often forgotten Gilpin Arm, a very much overlooked canal section.

Note the mines by the Pelsall Road by Highbridge (remember that advert for the estate with the pits and steam engine by the Wyrley and Essington Canal? Bingo, I reckon), also the ‘moat’ at the fingerpost junction. There’s an interesting mound on Ryders Hayes, too.

For David Evans, wells are extensively noted with the ‘W’ mark. Other abbreviations are decoded by the Ordnace Survey themselves here.

You can download copies of this map at high resolution below. They’re quite large, so patience will be required on slow connections.

1902 Pelsall North and West Brownhills – JPEG image – 14.7 megabytes

1902 Pelsall North and West Brownhills  – PDF – 7.8 megabytes

I’d like to thank the anonymous reader who located this map and scanned it. You’re a star.

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8 Responses to Pelsall North and West Brownhills, 1902

  1. Mick_P says:

    Fascinating, as ever Bob. If one looks bottom left of the map, and follows what is the Wolverhampton Road NE from Riddings House, you’ll see that on the corner of the next right turn, which is now School Lane (maybe it was then), you can see an old coal shaft marked. I’m pretty certain that must be the shaft that opened up one day in the mid-1970s, swallowing the front lawn of one of the houses that had been built on the site. Fascinated us school kids.

  2. stymaster says:

    Yep, I’ve heard that story from my mother-in-law.

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  4. Wayne Winstone says:

    Hi I need a little bit of help if possible. On my grandmothers birth certificate under when and where born it says Tenth August 1911, Gilpins Building, Shire Oak, Walsall. I can find no record of this building, If anyone can assist with info then I would be very happy. Thanks

  5. David Evans says:

    Hi Wayne
    what was your grandmothers name? Walsall Wood …thats where Shire Oak is, had a few “buildings”..rows of four houses at that time. google earth Walsall Wood to, say, Lichfield Road with KFC as a starter. On either side of the road there were “Buildings”.
    Leading up the hill ( Shire Oak hill)and past the road junction there were more rows of “buildings”
    If you could give your grandmothers name at birth I might be able to locate which one would have been called Gilpins, for you and possibly add some info.

    kind regards

    David Evans

    • Wayne Winstone says:

      Hi My grandmothers name at birth was Florence Baugh and her parents were Solomon Baugh and Lizzie nee Wildblood. Thanks for your asistance

  6. Paul Underhill says:

    I remember Seeing that hole in that front garden when I was a kid

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