Fire in Brownhills last night?

I’ve become aware from social media that last night there was a house fire in, I think, The Avenues area of Brownhills. Does anyone have any further information they’d like to share?

Fellow Brownhills blogger BrownhillsBarry posted a picture of the fire via twitter this morning at 26 minutes past midnight.

It looks quite severe. I do hope nobody was hurt.

Picture of the incident posted on twitter by BrownhillsBarry. Thanks for the pic.

If you have any information, BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com, or comment here. Please be mindful in your comments of the feelings of those involved. Cheers.

Edited 11:47am. Facebook user and local lady Vera Waters told me that everyone got out safely. Thank heavens for that, any my huge sympathy to the family involved. A terrible thing. Thanks to Vera for her help.

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  2. Peter says:

    Hi Bob, Is it possible that the 2 photos were taken from different sides? the one in the express and star is at the front and the other photo is from the rear?
    Just a thought!

  3. stefan hall says:

    this picture is actually the picture i took from my back garden (next door) this is the rear of the property where the fire was the picture in the express and star is the picture of the front of the house

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