Sink estate?

Had trouble picturing where these houses were - see Google Earth extract at the foot of the article. Picture from original Walsall Observer article.

Here’s an interesting one turfed out by local history genius [Howmuch?], who’s still raiding the box under his sideboard for interesting clippings from local papers. The man really is a history magpie and a bit of a star. This extract is from The Walsall Observer, Friday, February 18th, 1977. I wasn’t aware of this at all. Have any readers any recollections of this?

Interested to note Councillor Burt, a well-knwn figure of the time. Taken from The Walsall Observer, Friday, February 18th, 1977.

Vandals Hit Empty Homes

Walsall Observer, Friday, February 18th, 1977.

Five council houses in Walsall Wood have been standing empty for a year because of mining subsidence.

And now the houses are in an even worse state of disrepair because of vandalism.

The council built the houses 16 years ago Coal Board land at Fort Crescent, in Walsall Wood.

Councillor Fred Burt [There’s a blast from the past – Bob] chairman of Walsall Housing Committee, said the council knew about the mine workings, but after taking expert advice, they decided to go ahead with the development.

When the mining subsidence first occurred the council called in Wardell & Partners, mining consultants, to act for them in negotiations with the Coal Board, to determine who is responsible. The council is still waiting for their report, he explained.

He said there were about 100 houses on the estate, but only five were empty because thy were not fit to live in because of subsidence.

There is today a large greenspace in Fort Crescent. Who’d have thought how it came to be there? Aerial imagery from Bing! maps, unfortunately cursed with a really, really stupid name. Poor Bing!.

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  2. Bronwen Myall nee Moore (Bonny, Kathleen's daughter) says:

    Frederick BURT was my uncle. I now live in Australia, (on Google looking for his daughter, Bernadette).

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