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Walsall Wood Secondary School (then located at what is now Streets Corner) Intermediate Football Team photo from 1956, kindly supplied by Trevor Brown, all the way from Australia.

Trevor Brown, a former Walsall Wood lad now exiled in the Antipodes, has added to what is positively a deluge of old photos and ephemera from the golden days of The Wood, which is certainly very welcome. I just love this shot – there are some very cheeky grins there, and I’m interested that the yard they sit in was cobbled with what look like blue bricks. I note also the house in the background that I’ve mentioned previously. This photo is worth clicking on to view full size as the quality really is excellent.

Thanks to Trevor, for his kind words and an excellent scan. Trevor said the following:

G-Day Bob, Thanks for helping me upload this photo of the 1956 Walsall Wood Secondary School Intermediate Football Team to the David Evans stuff.

Back row from right –  Alan (Horace) Horrobin, David (Dickey) Greenwood, Ken Robins, Trevor ( Hovis) Brown, on me tip toes I did grow another 7 1/2 inches later on, Eddy Howdle, Ken? Wright, John? Smith.

Front row – Marklew, John Orgil, sorry lads cant remember the next two lads, Please excuse the spellings,

We never went to school to learn to write, spell or learn logarithms,

(By the way has anyone ever earned a penny from knowing how to do logarithms) or the other things we were supposed to be there for? (Certainly not me – Bob)

We went to school play football, tuds, conkers, pea shooting, slides in the playground in the snow and play in Oak Park Walsall Wood.

Please fill in the other names if you can.

Cheers Pommy Trevor

As ever, I am indebted to Trevor for his excellent work in sharing this picture with the readers. Please, if anyone has anything to add, please do comment. I’m interested in other schools in Brownhills and Walsall Wood, too. Anything you’ve got, please. It all jogs memories or maybe answers the odd question posed by a hazy memory. The more the merrier.

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5 Responses to Match of the day

  1. CAZ says:

    Hello Trevor/Bob, a great picture which is sure to jog the memories of lots of people.
    Logarythms????? I loved maths, but like Trevor and probably 99% of the population, couldn’t see the point of them. Perhaps someone could enlighten us?
    I remember the playground and the boys having conker fights etc…..girls prefferred skipping and hopscotch, but when it snowed, wow…. the slides went from the top to bottom of the playground. Being a whimpy girl, I wasn’t happy being smacked in the face with snowballs… but it was part of growing up. Because of this crazy compensation claiming culture we live in now, our own kids/grandkids are losing out. The first hint of snow and they have to stay inside, slides, snowballing, conkers etc all banned….just in case someone gets hurt and parents sue the school.It’s a shame.

  2. Trevor Brown says:

    The logarithm of a number is the exponent by which a fixed number, the base, has to be raised to produce that number. For example, the logarithm of 1000 to base 10 is 3, because 1000 is 10 to the power 3: 1000 = 103 = 10 × 10 × 10. More generally, if x = by, then y is the logarithm of x to base b, and is written logb(x), so log10(1000) = 3.

    Yeah right, oh now i see why we went to school it wasn’t to play conkers, tuds,
    football, skipping and hopscotch.

    See what I mean

    Pommy trevor

    • CAZ says:

      Thanks Trevor for that wonderful explanation.After checking it out on Wikipedia……[just to make sure you got it word for word]. lol I’ve finally realised what I’ve been missing all my life??????……At least I can spell it correctly now though, even if I can’t understand it.

      I see exactly what you mean…..I much preferred to be playing two-ball and singing Ebekenezer, the King of the Jews. Does Ivy remember that one?

      I remember the headmaster, Mr Faid, [there’s a picture of him in one of Bob’s earlier posts] and also Mr Wroath, another headmaster from Walsall Wood .
      Best Wishes Caz

  3. Trevor Brown says:

    I have just been reminded of someone by my wife Ivy,
    Killer Langford what a teacher he was, best we ever had,
    Sam Haycock known as s—balls,
    Daddy Hamer, Can you list anyothers?
    Headmaster, Mr Fade I think, I still have the welts in my hands from his cane, And I was not guilty of anything ever honest, it was the others,
    Pommy Trevor
    Thanks Bob for your hard work in helping us to remember the best time to be born in history,1944 to 1955

  4. Jen Shirley says:

    Hi trevor can you remember when you pushed a girl called spitfire down shire oak hill in a go cart lm that girl jennifer willdigg remember our childhood with fond memories

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