Scumbags yet to be caught…

It was good to see that on Friday, the Express & Star and subsequently the Birmingham Mail caught up with the awful story of the mobility scooter being stolen from Brownhills. The commonality of the language used in both articles with my article is interesting.

I wish all the best to John Richardson and his family and hope these scumbags can be caught soon. It’s hard to think of a more heartless, unpleasant theft than nicking some poor chap’s means of getting about independently. I’d also like to say to the thoroughly unpleasant individual who thought it fitting to cast aspersions, I hope you never suffer disability and the consequent indignity of some idiot judging you for it. I’m grateful to the readers who rallied round and pointed out the idiocy. Cheers, folks.

If you saw anything at all, please do contact the police or Crimestoppers. Thanks.

From the Walsall edition of the Express & Star, Friday, 6th May 2011. Click image for a larger version.

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